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Newly released rare metals and gems from near Siksraja! · on 05/10/2016 04:08 PM CDT 1457

Cinacs is an opaque stone that displays red-tinged chatoyancy (aka: 'cat's eye') effects regardless of the base hue of the gem. This is frequently emphasized by a round or oval cut to give the stone the appearance of an eye with a bloody pupil. Cinacs can be found in shades of grey, white, yellow, and orange. Found in caves near Siksraja. Name means "battle eye" in Rakash. Usage: The word remains "cinacs" in both singular and plural form. IE: A ring centered with an oval cinacs. A necklace bearing several rounded cinacs.

Also called alavern stone. Alavern is a brilliant blue and green opaque stone known for its dramatic, reflective geometric patterns. It is typically used for decorations and jewelry. Found in caves near Siksraja. "Alavern" means "cave child" in Rakash. Usage: Some alavern stones. Some alavern. An alavern. An alavern stone.


A translucent metal with opaque whorls, tursa can be sometimes found in the tunnels beneath Siksraja. Though always in dark shades, tursa can be found in many colors, with black being the most common. Name means "dark" or "shadow" in Rakash.

A medium to dark red metal, asini is used mainly for decoration on armor and weapons by the Rakash people, though it does sometimes appear elsewhere. Asini has a low lustre, and will always look somewhat matte regardless of polishing. Asini is found near Siksraja. Name means "blood" in Rakash.


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