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New High Level Hunting & Climbing Area - Xala'Shar · on 04/15/2015 06:44 PM CDT 1190
Today in Prime there was a mini-event to bring to end a major storyline involving the Xala'Shar. If you missed it and are the type that's interested in lore, ask around as to what happened! Before you go running off to find the area, though, you should really read the warnings and information below!

Here's what you need to know about the new area:

  • This area is exceedingly dangerous and it is not advised that you wander in unless you find yourself among those that regularly hunt around the level of intercessors.
  • Dangerous and death-inducing climbs can be found in this area.
  • It's not meant to be easy. Please do not submit bug reports because you feel the area is "too difficult" to navigate. It's 100% intended to be unsafe and dangerous. Consider this area "hard mode."
  • There are no mazes.
  • It won't be easy to get a drag out if you die past some of the climbing areas. Make a Moon Mage friend.
  • The hunting areas are broken up by "aggregate level". The further you progress into the area, the more difficult the Athletics requirements become, and the more difficult the creatures become. This is the only nice thing we've done, as it puts a small stop-gap on someone getting their face pushed in.

Enough with the warnings, I'm ready to die!
The new area is located in Zoluren, out the West Gate of Crossing. Head west towards Wolf Clan, turn north to go through the brambles as if you're going to Knife Clan, but don't climb the tree to continue to Knife Clan. Go NE again and SEARCH for the trampled path. The skill requirement is zero, which should negate a lot of the issues that happened with Sunfall Hub's release. (On this topic, we've dropped the requirement for that path, because something in the code was turning skill requirements into high probabilities of failures.)

Once you go down the path, you can use the map below to navigate around. I'm pretty sure someone else will make a much prettier one and stick it up on Elanthipedia in the next week or so.

PS - Do not submit a bug for the archimages. It's not a typo of archmage. Please google-web it.


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