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Meeting with Dragon priest leader emissary and Ferdahl Aemmin · on 3/28/2011 11:00:17 PM 7213
You see Sentinel Captain Cierzen Kurasoni of the House of the Waxen Moons, an Elothean Moon Mage.

Cierzen has a square-jawed face and tilted almond-shaped crystal blue eyes. His red-streaked ash-blonde hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn tied back. He has tanned skin. He appears to be an adult. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a pair of black leather boots with moon-shaped silver clasps, some black suede leggings laced along the outer seams, an albredine crystal ring, a flecked black albredine ring, a slim leather arm sheath, a pure white spidersilk tunic with silver edging, an elegant spidersilk backpack, a badge, a pair of steel cufflinks, a pure white greatcloak with a wide silver border, a tower-shaped ruby medallion hung from a deep purple spidersilk cord, a thin platinum pendant etched with the crest of the House of the Waxen Moons, a granite circlet, a kyanite gwethdesuan and a jadeite gwethdesuan.

An odd-shaped speck drifts throughout the morning sky, high above the Wyvern Mountains and heading towards their eastern end.

The speck in the sky grows larger, plummeting down towards the earth! You are barely able to make out a reddish color to the object, with hints of.. something else.

Skizzy says, "If it intends to land."

As the object continues streaking towards the ground, you are soon able to make out its true form. A large, four-legged, red-scaled reptile with slashes of gold through its body, two massive leathern wings are stretched out to either side. As it continues in its dive, two things come to mind in rapid succession: That is a dragon, and it is coming straight towards you!

When you are almost convinced the dragon is going to slam into the earth at top speed, it pulls out of the dive and beats its leathern wings fiercely, creating a reverberating roar and currents of wind that whip around your body. Though this effort does not keep the beast airborne, it slows descent speed enough that the impact of its four legs against the ground is only mildly earthshaking.

As the jarring sensation caused by the dragon's landing subsides, fierce grey eyes gaze out from its snout to regard the terrain about it. Folding wings up against its back, the creature rumbles out in a loud and decidedly male voice, "I am Ael'tharaxus. I have come to speak to your Ferdahl as promised." > Madigan slowly says, "A...dragon." >

After its statement, the dragon settles down on his haunches and.. waits. The gathered people seem to be of no concern and hold no attention for him, but a sense of anxiety rises within you at any thought of approaching the large reptile.

The dragon continues to ignore the swarms of people around him, as if none of you exist to him.

You see Ael'tharaxus, a Dragon. Around the size of a two-story house, the deep red scales covering his body are streaked with jagged slashes of dark gold. Though vaguely similar in structure to a mainland S'Kra Mur, the dragon's large snout has a much fiercer and firmly regal bearing, grey eyes gazing out with the arrogant confidence of superiority. Enormous, leathern wings fold up against the scaly back while a thick, muscular tail that is again the length of the serpent's body slowly sways behind him.

Ael'tharaxus gazes around the area with calm confidence, seeming patient.. for now.

Synamon says to Ael'tharaxus, "Her grace is on her way, please allow us a little shock at your form."

You see Ferdahl Aemmin a'Emaylian, an Elothean. Her tilted almond-shaped stormy grey eyes are accented with green jade dust, which clings to the edges of her lashes. A six-strand braid of her auburn hair is pleated from one temple, the rest styled into loose curls. She has fair skin and a slender figure. She is in her prime for an Elothean. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a delicately twisted platinum diadem, an emerald-inlaid medallion hung from a dark nightsilk cord, a thin platinum pendant embossed with the House of the Glittering Diadem crest, a black satin scroll case clasped by a crystal lotus blossom, a deep blue floor-length gown woven from fine Elothean silk, an albredine crystal ring, a wrapped sash of yellow and jade Elothean silk and a pair of midnight blue slippers accented with silver edging.

Ael'tharaxus turns his gaze to Ferdahl Aemmin, staying on his haunches and appearing calm and composed.

Aemmin gazes up at Ael'tharaxus with a look of serenity on her face. Aemmin says, "Ael'tharaxus, noble dragon and new ruler of the Dragon Priests. I am Ferdahl Aemmin, ruler of Shard."

Ael'tharaxus says, "It is my understanding, relayed to me by my Intercessors, that at a point the past you considered peace with the Dragon Priest Empire, although they were significantly more.. unruly.. than they are now."

Aemmin says, "It has been considered, in the past, yes. However, this is not that time."

Aemmin asks, "I ask you this, Ael'tharaxus. How can there possibly be peace between our peoples?"

Aemmin takes on a calm visage, gazing up at the dragon without fear.

Aemmin says, "The Dragon Priests are Necromancers, Sorcerers, practicers of the profane."

Aemmin continues to calmly gaze up at the dragon, appearing to be unafraid. Aemmin furrows her brow slightly, appearing to be deep in thought. Ael'tharaxus says, "There are some foolish remnants who still believe Necromancy and Sorcery is the path to service to the World Dragon. They will be purged."

Aemmin says, "I do not trust you, Ael'tharaxus. Nor should you trust us." Aemmin says, "After all, Shard is made up of individuals, of people."

Aemmin asks, "We are all free, from the highest noble to the lowliest peasant. Are your people the same?" Aemmin continues to gaze upward with calm eyes. Ael'tharaxus says, "They are free within limits. Do not pretend your city is anything else, though." Aemmin says, "My city has its secrets, it is true. We ferret the darkness out when we can." Aemmin says, "If you are making strides to stop the destruction upon the land, as you pledge, I shall offer you this." Aemmin gazes upward, looking thoughtful. Ael'tharaxus continues to ignore all others but the Ferdahl.

Aemmin says, "There cannot be a true alliance between us. Your people are, at the root, an antithesis of what we hold dear. You worship the World Dragon, we worship the Immortals. However, there can be peace. We need not try to eradicate each other from existance, as has been attempted in the past."

Ael'tharaxus says, "That is acceptable. I will not even expect you to control these 'adventurers', as you call them."

Aemmin says, "If you are putting an end to the sorcery and necromancy that befouls the land, then there is much less cause to fight than before."

Aemmin says, "I take no responsibility for adventurers, no matter who they may be. And at the same time, I do not expect you to control your rogue individuals either."

Ael'tharaxus asks, "I trust further business can be handled by proxy, now that you have seen what you wished to see?" Aemmin says, "Indeed." Aemmin gives Ael'tharaxus a slight nod.

Aemmin says, "I shall accept your emissary into Shard, at least."

Ael'tharaxus asks, "Good. We are concluded?" Aemmin says, "Yes, we are concluded. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us."

Rising back up to all fours, Ael'tharaxus takes several quick bounds away from the Ferdahl before leaping into the air with a powerful beating of wings. With less effort than it seems like it ought to take, the dragon quickly soars upward into the sky and back towards the west.

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