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List of hider types? · on 09/26/2020 07:14 1840
>>TEVESHSZAT: Is there a way for GMs to easily provide a full list of the types of hiders that are out there in the game? The list on the Item Hiders page – Category:Item_hiders#Magical – does not seem to be the full list.

There may be some obscure items that I am forgetting about, but this should cover the most commonly available items that can hide features or hide inventory.

Hooded cloaks can be turned to conceal your features.

Uaro's'sugi and other similar head scarves/wraps can be raised to conceal your features (except for skin).

Some masks hide your features and replace them with a description from the mask.

Shadowsilk cloaks hide all features and inventory (except what is held in the hands).

Shimmering outfits hide all items (in addition to allowing you to appear to be wearing items you are not wearing).

Non-magical robe-style hiders conceal the following slots:

  • misc
  • back
  • pants
  • shirt
  • wrist
  • neck
  • belt
  • arm armor
  • leg armor
  • tail
  • thigh
  • upper arm
  • shirt with armor

Magical item hiders can be configured to hide one or more of the following categories/slots:

You can override hiding of an item by typing SHOW [ITEM] ALWAYS.

GM Cordulia

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