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Re: If the Emapth Guild exploded in the middle of the night, would anyone notice? · on 08/17/2012 02:43 PM CDT 1550
So the Empath guild's been attacked a few more times, mostly concussion bombs, and a few times gas seeped in.

There seemed to be a break for a bit, then it started up again.

A few days ago someone said they saw a white veiled figure leave one of the packages, and someone on the gweth said it reminded them of a vision of a veiled woman, I managed to run into Annael and did some investigating.

(here's the vision)

 "You focus inwardly searching for insight into your future. A Human woman stands silent and unmoving, her features hidden in the depths of a deep cowl. A S'Kra Mur female approaches briskly, touching the Human almost tenderly on the arm. The cloaked figure leans forward and gently detaches her own tongue, placing it unflinchingly in the other's hand. The S'Kra Mur gazes at the organ distastefully, tossing it to the ground. Taking the Human by the elbow, the S'Kra Mur woman leads the cloaked figure away into the surrounding darkness."

-Kind of empath sounding, kind weird, not quite a veiled figure, but could fit.

Anywho, Annael(Crossing Empath guildleader) poked her head out to talk to the crowd about the attacks some. I asked her some questions, and suggested installing some sconces(less shadows to hide in, might help some?). After talking to her I had someone tell me about the vision, and did some reading.

I also kind of wonder about the breach tunnels, but I think they're just running in the door and running out.

With startling speed, Randia sticks a finger in her ear and pulls it out with a loud "POP".
Annael says, "I don't think it's true, but it would help if anyone noticed who was the bearer of these 'gifts'."
Annael says, "We have had numerous bombings lately. Some attacks with poison gas."
Annael clasps her hands at her waist, her knuckles going white for a moment before she relaxes her hands with visible effort.
Annael says, "We don't typically keep the windows open, so it probably came from this room." (main room)
Annael asks, "Who could possibly want to harm the Empaths?"
Annael says, "I could understand bombing a triage area...well, not understand, but you know what I mean. That at least, makes some sense."
Annael says, "An Empath who did this would be in quite a lot of pain."
Annael says, "All of those wounds, all of those people at once, it would shock them senseless."
You ask, "Is shock caused by intent? or would carelessness cause it also?"
You say, "And what if they were gone, before the damage was done."
You say, "They could be twitching in some alley."
Annael turns away, pacing a few steps toward the library before turning and walking back to the group.
Annael says to you, "Shock is complicated."
Annael says, "I have heard this spot has sometimes been hit also."
Annael says, "At least, I had to pick some of the shrapnel out of the benches in my garden."
Annael says, "But the attacks have been so persistent, I just wonder if there's anyone out there who wishes the guild harm."
Annael says, "It just seems to have been too often for random acts of opportunity."
Annael says, "Sadly I am here to see and feel the aftermath whenever it happens."
You say, "Someone said they saw a white veiled person toss something during one of the attacks the other day."
You say, "They didn't see a face, or have much detail."
You say, "What I heard on the gweth, then some moonies tried to connect it to a vision of a simliar person."
You ask, "Vision of a woman cutting her tongue off?"
You say, "I haven't seen or heard about it, so I really don't know on that either."
Annael ponders.
Annael asks, "Cutting her tongue off?"
You nod to Annael.
You say, "That's what I overheard."
Annael looks pained, brushing a strand of her dark hair back behind her ear.
You say, "Another thing I should probably ask around about."
You say, "Other than that, I really have no suggestions."
You say, "Other than adding maybe some extra sconces."
Annael chuckles.
You say, "Remove the shadows, might help remove the people hiding in them."
Annael says, "If it cannot be dealt with soon, perhaps we shall, though if people have seen this cloaked woman, then it's possible she isn't trying very hard to hide herself."
You say, "Or people are starting to pay more attention."
Annael says, "I will ask Halfrida to begin investigating this matter."

readings on shock-

"The shock eventually wears off, but it leaves a lingering scar
on your soul, to taunt you forever. Any empath who touches you
will feel the trace of the empath shock you've suffered. Not
only that, but also everyone in the vicinity will see that
empath recoil from you in horror. Your guild brothers and
sisters can help ease the shock, but few do, especially if you
meant to cause harm. I have never heard of any empath who
actually killed a living being, but we are taught that any who
do will lose their healing power for life." (a few variations on that one)

"The Empath who tries to harm a living creature
will temporarily lose the ability to heal others. If the offender shows
their worth then the Empathic power will be restored after some time.
Any Empath that happens to kill another living being will lose their
powers forever, unless several other Empaths appeal on the offender's
behalf and at great cost to themselves."

Also I read Jomay's story.

P.S. I'd like to add to my order of sconces for the empath guild.-

I noticed most empaths just collect piles of splinters and dust to sit on. I thought some leather chairs for them to relax, but I guess there's some in their relax room. Someone suggested cots, but I feel that's more of an overflow thing for the basement, and our excellent empaths work too fast to need a room full of cots.
So perhaps a padded bench for those waiting to be healed, or some a few chairs(hobglup wheel chairs?) or stools(doctors use them) leaning against the walls waiting to be used.

~Temporary Acting Interim Mayor Powerhaus, as chosen by some random person on the gweth.

Making the Best City Ever, BetterEr!

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