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Re: hey hey! it's a Crossing Snow Ball Skating Party · on 09/05/2013 07:45 AM CDT 1803
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This was a whole lot of fun.

I'm so often playing the party host myself that I don't really get time to just chat. For me, this was a wonderful chance to do just that. I met some new people, partied with the Troupe members, learned about some pretty awesome bark and got to play with fireworks. An all around 'win' in my books. Huge thank you to everyone involved!

If important note (well, important to us alteration junkies) is a neck ornament worn by Lady Lilena Turmar of House Turmar

>She is wearing a shimmering white alerce choker suspending a cascade of icy blue diamonds >Lilena shows you a shimmering white alerce choker suspending a cascade of icy blue diamonds. Each articulated band of the smooth, stone-like alerce glitters with mineral inclusions that sweep across its fine grain. Strung upon platinum filaments, a multitude of the sky blue gems radiate with the icy fire captured within their facets, creating an avalanche of opulence set to spill across the wearer's neck and chest.

Here are a few words from her on the topic:

>Lilena says, "The diamonds are just pretty, but the alerce is special." >Lilena says, "Uncle says it's some type of tree."

◙ When asked why it was special

>Lilena says, "Because it's super hard to find and to harvest." >Lilena says, "The trees only grow in the inner rim of a volcano." >Lilena says, "And then, they're so hard to chop down, and the bark is the only useful part." >Lilena says, "It's just not very good wood." >Lilena says, "It's too soft and it's just bleh." >Lilena exclaims, "But the bark is really neat!"

>Liev says, "Bleh is of course the professional term."

>Lilena asks, "You see the white parts?" >Lilena says, "That's alerce bark. We just call it alerce." >Lilena says, "It grows in these funny plates." >Lilena says, "They take on colors from the minerals the trees find in the volcano." >Lilena says, "White is the most rare, but they're all very pretty."

◙ When asked if it's primary use was ornamentation

>Lilena says, "Well, it's so pretty it gets used for decoration, yes." >Lilena says, "Plus it's really expensive." >Lilena says, "It's strong though, so I guess you could do other things with it."

>Lilena says, "Uncle wasn't selling it for a long time." >Lilena says, "We just sort of kept it in the family." >Lilena says, "But a bunch was sold to some merchants for the festival." >Lilena says, "In with the other gems and the like."

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