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First Draft New Ambush/Khri Charts (from thief OOC Meeting) · on 06/13/2013 01:52 PM CDT 2072
Ok so I was gonna post a log of the whole meeting since no one else has done it yet... and I was looking at it and looking at how much I would need to redact, and yeah I dunno if I'm gonna get to that. It was a long talkative meeting. Just editing out names is gonna be a biscuit.

But here's the charts that Ric dropped outlining the first draft of changes to ambushes and khri.

The point of the meeting, is that everything is up for discussion and nothing has been set in stone. Ric repeated this several times. He wants to know how you feel.

Also the charts were a little buggy with some needing both a look and a read, I'm trying really hard to not miss anything from them, but don't kill me if it takes a couple posts or corrections.

And lastly I just realized in posting Calm was not mentioned anywhere. I was very careful to read and look at each chart multiple times. Possibly just an oversight?

An ambush chart reads:
Stun - Varied stun, unconscious, prone effects based on win. Damaging.
Slash - Only drops opponents on good win, prevents retreat/engage/room movement. Damaging.
Sight - About the same, but instead of pulsing RTs, pulsing parry or shield debuff. And another neat feature.
Screen - AOE Stamina debuff.
Clout - Pulsing concentration drain.
New Ambush! - Same as it is now.

A khri combo chart reads:
Prescience - Was perception, passive spot, gaurd avoid now passive spot, guard avoid, and justice bonus. Utility
Cunning - Was Charisma, Int, Fear/vW Boost, Justice bonus, now and AOE debuff to Evasion. Debilitation
Secure - Was locks and bonus to avoid box activation, now just the bonus to avoid box activation. Utility
Speed - Was some def bonuses, new version is top secret. Utility
Spar - Was general offensive boosts, now a boost to the weapon skill of your held weapon and thrown skill for that weapon. Augmentation
Skulk - Was stealth, steal, and 0 sec rt urban sneak, now just the 0 sec urban sneak. Utility

A tier three chart reads:
Steady - Was a general ranged boost, now a boost to XBow and Bow skills. Augmentation
Eliminate - Was a series of offensive boosts with defensive penalties, now a -shield -armor very brief debuff. Debilitation
Serenity - Was a brief roar/SvW buff, now will likely be an anti-locate/familiar type ability. Utility
Liberation - Still a pulsing web/immobilize remover. Utility
Elusion - Was too many defensive boosts, now an Evasion boost. Augmentation
Sagacity - Was a concentration fill, would be more of a concentration regen depending on concentration setup. Augmentation
Shadowstep - Still whatever it does. Utility
Sensing - Room watch, Same. Utility
Vanish - Was Instant Stealth +Invis +Disengage, now Just instant Invis +Disengage. Utility
Flight - Sill an Athletics Boost. Augmentation
Guile - Was Int + Charisma, now Charisma and Tactics Boost. Augmentation

A tier two chart reads:
Dampen - Still a armor stealth boost, which will work better than it does currently. Augmentation
Strike - Still a backstab boost. Augmentation
Silence - Still a pulse invisible ability. Utility
Safe - Still a locks boost. Augmentation
Avoidance - Was Evasion, now Reflex boost. Augmentation
Plunder - Was Thievery, now is Thievery and Discipline. Augmentation
Prowess - Was an offensive boost, now an AOE debuff to Reflex and Tactics. Debilitation
Sight - Still a perception boost and nightvision

Tier One:
Darken - Still a stealth boost. Augmentation
Hasten - Was an agility boost, now has a chance to reduce RT for attacks. Utility
Focus - Was a small boost to Str, Disc, Agil, Ref, now a full featured Agility boost. Augmentation

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