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Fates Asunder - Demosel, Amiss, and Ealuik dead · on 08/02/2014 12:22 AM CDT 883
The threads of three powerful diviners have been cut short this eve.

Here is a record of what many moonmages sensed at that time.

Scribe of the Crystal Vanguard
Mistanna Redivas

Soft grey mist fills the air and you find yourself facing an ancient human, her cropped hair whited by age but her cat-slitted eyes remain alert.

Addressing the mist she says, "I have no fear of you, but I am tired. Do what you've come to do, it is my time. On that we agree." As if in afterthought she adds, "And give her my regards."

The mists ignite and as the woman slumps lifelessly.

An elderly Halfling sits in a stone-walled study, squinting over a gilded scroll through thin silver spectacles. An errant breeze draws her attention as it tussles her hair. She gazes upwards, "She wasn't enough for you? No, I suppose not. Nor will I be. I've seen it in the cards, that and so many other things. But that's just the problem, isn't it?"

  • Amiss's fate has unravelled.

You find yourself gazing out over a forest, your arms draped casually on the balcony rail. Next to you is an elderly human with long snowy hair that frames a sleepless face.

He argues passionately with an unseen opponent, his words muddled but his intent and frustration clear. Apparently, he is losing the argument as he flinches slightly before lashing the air with sickly purple energy. An unearthly howl breaks the silence in response, ramping in intensity as the arcane forces dance through the air.

He topples over the rail.

  • Ealuik's fate has been torn asunder.

Fate hangs heavy on you today, almost tangible as it drags at your thoughts and actions. Your existence sends infinite ripples into the world about you, chaotic and unpredictable. Imperfect.

This message was originally posted in The Moon Mages \ Guild Events, by BLADEDBUTTERFLY on the forums.