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Re: Empathic Sensitivity vs. Necromantic Corruption: Fight! · on 11/22/2012 07:10 AM CST 17
>>wasn't it also said back when the loophole was first mentioned that Empathy would also be equally Bad for a Necromancer?

I think the Lyras events pretty clearly demonstrated that Empathy can be Bad for Necromancers. The thing is that the guild has not historically been teaching Empaths how to "weaponize" their Empathy. I have some ideas along this line but until the X3 dust settles and I can get some of the other big pending projects out of the way they will likely have to wait. Further, as always, just because I have an idea doesn't mean my bosses will like the idea or that I can get approval for it.

That said, weaponized Empathy is not a thing the Empath guild is going to be comfortable with anytime soon, so even if something like that existed it would have to be on the margins and not something taught by the guild proper.

>>Side note, I would indeed be interested in the aforementioned elaboration. I like to keep on top of Shock-related lore :)

I can't remember if I have mentioned this before, though it's supposed to be in one of our docs or other. Intent is going out of shock. Swinging at something and missing will no longer cause shock, but hurting something, even accidentally, will cause shock. The consequence is that most Empaths go about their lives at slightly less than their max capability. So a small action that nets a very small amount of shock may not leave a scar, as is the case with Empaths who get the token shock for attempting to heal a Necromancer with very high Divine Outrage.

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