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Re: Can someone explain to me how Dindobeld works? · on 11/13/2015 05:29 PM CST 2741
>>I heard rumor that you could bring him raw materials and have that made into something. Is that right?

That is a service that the Plat version of the character provides in *Plat* *only.* This is due to the limited population in Plat, and their relative lack of access to players with very high crafting skill numbers.

>>Or is this an alterer that works with expensive items as part of the RP?

That is basically his function in Prime. He doesn't like to dirty his hands with less than rare and expensive materials.

>>Also, does he work on magical items?

Short answer: It depends.

Slightly longer answer: He will work with a wide variety of magical items, but there are major exceptions. Among the exceptions are *no* *cambrinth* and *no* *soulstones.* The easiest way to find out whether he can work on item X or Y is to ask during a session.

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