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Annael Steps down as Wen & Empaths protest (EPICALLY LONG) · on 09/15/2012 10:59 PM CDT 1054
Another vellum page as been posted over the previous notice, even more laden with adhesive than before:

Following a recent meeting attended by many guild members we have voted to protest using the Crossing Guild Hall as long as K'Eksharo remains Moda of Zoluren. Healing may be found outside on Magen Road.

Today Annael was summoned by Eksharo to his home. She refused to come on the gweth, and asked that he come to the guild hall so that the conversation be made public. Annael was asked to give the names of the Empaths who were at the Lang/Asrea/Mirinn's death event. Annael refused and commented that Eksharo's current direction for the guild was wrong. She stepped down as Wen, or guildleader.

Zamara held a meeting in her house on Willow Walk. The Empaths in attendance voted to continue to shift people, protest Eksharo being Moda by healing outside the Crossing guildhall. While in the house Halfrida ran by the window.

After the meeting Halfrida was with Salvur in bloodvines in Hib. Vansiil gated Zamara over. Vansiil got Savlur drunk on a magical concoction that made him dance funny. Vansiil charged Halfrida 10 plat for a moongate back to Crossing (hilarious IMO). While that was happening, Zamara whispered Salvur the news that Annael had stepped down as Moda. Salvur realized he was being taken to Eksharo as a replacement for Annael and began to protest, but Halfrida dragged him along anyway.

After sometime, Salvur appeared infront of the Crossing guild as Khalo rae Wen Salvur. He still was not happy with being Wen, but said that we were not likely to get rid of Eksharo easily.

The following are my available conversation only logs of the events, somewhat edited but incredibly long because I am lazy.

(Annael is in the Crossing guild hall.)
Annael says, "Ah, I heard about that, but I do not think I would be welcome there."
Heartsfyre says, "Afternoon Lady."
Annael says, "K'Eksharo has been ... irritable."
You ask, "Did Salvur give him Velly junior?"
Annael says, "Not that I've heard. I believe Salvur has returned to his duties in the vela'tohr woods."
Heartsfyre says, "Ahh. He was entertaining at least."
You say, "Ah. Thought the plan was for K'Eksharo to care for the seed for the time being."
Annael says, "From what I understand the seed is still a seed."
Annael says, "He has been especially surly of late. Mirinn has not cooperated with his requests for the names of all of the Empaths who participated in the debacle in Langenfirth."
Annael says, "I had hoped the seed might distract him."
Annael says, "He knows we share everything, Mirinn and I, so it's very likely he will start on me, next."
Annael says, "The Aev told me I might expect a, a summons, at about this time."
You ask Annael, "Does he favor a tea you could bring him to, ah, relax his nerves?"
Heartsfyre says to Annael, "Do not be nervous Lady, Not like they can actually hurt you. but yes I do know words hurt like a scalpel if used correctly.."
Annael says, "I would really rather not go at all."
Annael says, "K'Eksharo is still a very powerful personality, even without his Empathy."
Annael says, "And the Aev, Halfrida, is extremely competent. They might compel me to say something I'd rather not."
Heartsfyre says to Annael, "Then soeak plainly and competantly, They cannot fault you for your words or actions if you take it slow and easy."
Heartsfyre says, "Speak also."
Annael says, "I truly disagree with his proposed course. I don't want to aid him any further in this madness."
Annael says, "He says that Asrea and Yvei are paranoid, but it strikes me that he should, he should look in a mirror, sometime."
Heartsfyre asks Annael, "Are there others who agree with your views?"
Xixist says, "It is difficult to speak what you must sometimes."
Annael says, "K'Xonei, K'Miriel, Wyllen probably."
You say, "Halfrida does not seem to think highly of those three."
Annael says, "He didn't have a majority for his recent...pronouncement, about the forbidden knowledge."
Annael says, "Only three."
Annael says, "Of course a Wen does not get a vote."
Heartsfyre says to Annael, "Then I would suggest to lipsinc his views until you get a following to voice a negative to the whole deal. And added support."
Annael says, "I would have to be a Moda, really."
Xixist says, "I spoke with K'Miriel a tad the other night.. she is your ally in this."
Annael says, "And I doubt I will ever be that, after all these years."
Annael says, "I don't think I can go any farther down this road with him. It's a bad thing for the Wen and the Moda of a province to be so at odds."
Heartsfyre says, "Then by all means, fight.. Fight for the right of the situation... let others know ."
Heartsfyre says, "Garner support from other Modas.."
Xixist asks, "Has K'eksharo made any decisions on the seed yet? Any possible planting locations?"
Annael says, "He and I aren't on such casual terms these days. But I think I would have heard if he had managed to sprout it."
Xixist asks, "And he still about Zoluren?"
Annael says, "He has returned to his research in the Vela'tohr woods, I believe."
Xixist says, "Hmm.. another plant has been found unblighted."
Xixist says, "Tis in Hib."
Your mind hears Eksharo thinking, "Annael, I require your presence. Come."
Your mind hears Annael thinking, "I am in the guildhall. Why don't you meet me, here? We can have this discussion in the light of day, K'Eksharo."
Your mind hears Eksharo thinking, "That was not a request. Come, or you will be compelled to come."
Your mind hears Annael thinking, "If we must talk, it will be here. In front of my students and attendants. In the view of all."
You say to Annael, "When in doubt, stick to the truth."
Vansiil says, "Testy, ain't he."
Heartsfyre says, "Luck to ya lady."
Sharane says, "Good luck to you."
You say to Annael, "And know that many of your former student support you."
Annael says, "I don't think he will come."
Annael says, "He'll just send Halfrida to chivvy me along."
Zynara quietly says, "Good gravy."
Mordibar asks, "Compelled?"
Vansiil asks, "Manipulated?"
Heartsfyre says to herself, " shall I say somthing or no.."
You ask Annael, "Thought... he was without his abilties at present?"
Annael says, "Halfrida isn't."
You say, "Ah."
Annael asks, "Why do you think he has such a powerful Aev?"
Annael says, "He wants me to give up the names of the empaths who attended Asrea's...gathering."
Annael says, "He knows Mirinn would have told me."
Zynara quietly says, "How is that fair lady.."
Annael says, "And she is refusing. He can't force her, she has too much clout."
Heartsfyre says to Annael, "And lets hope my thoughts didnt make things worse."
Eksharo says, "Annael. I require your presence. Come."
Annael says, "No. We will discuss this here, in front of the Attendents and all of my students. In the light of day."
Eksharo says, "Do not be fractious. I have very little patience for you, at present."
Annael says, "Nor I for you, Moda."
Eksharo says, "This verges on insubordination. Come now, or you will be Compelled."
Annael asks, "Here? In front of all my students? Has it really come to that?"
Eksharo says, "Very well. Though I do not think you will enjoy this discussion."
Eriniel asks, "The very thing you wish us not to learn?"
Eksharo says, "Mirinn has refused to cooperate. As she was my predeccesor, it would be inappropriate for me to attempt to force her cooperation. And so I come to you. I know she shared the details of the incident with you. Surrender the names, Wen."
Annael says, "Surely she had a reason for what she does. A -good- reason. You should, for once, try to benefit from her wisdom."
Eksharo says, "Faugh. She is too tender-hearted. She gets worse every year. She has lost sight of what is good for the many, to keep the few from suffering. She has no nerve for necessities."
Marssi asks, "What names are supposed to be given up?"
Annael says, "He wants the names of every Empath who was present for Mirinn's murder. So that they may all be rounded up and punished."
Vansiil asks, "Punished how?"
Xixist asks, "And what would the recourse be to those that attended?"
Mordibar asks, "And why punished?"
Marssi asks, "Why would the empaths present be punished?"
Eksharo says, "You were all complicit."
Mordibar asks, "For simply being somewhere?"
Zynara quietly says, "Since most of them had no idea what was going on until well after, that sounds out of line."
Eksharo says, "You all knew what would happen, and you went anyway, nosing after knowledge that is not for you to know."
Xixist says, "Seeing is not being."
Mordibar asks, "Know?"
Heartsfyre asks, "Death by association.. how quaint.. What kind of leadership you think this does Moda?"
Mordibar asks, "How?"
Marssi says, "I think most empaths still don't know what was going on."
You say to Eksharo, "For lacking the ability to protect one of their own? You are the paranoid one."
Annael says, "It's not a necessity. That's what we're trying to tell you."
Eksharo says, "Such knowledge will tear this guild apart, as it has already done once, in case you have forgotten."
Anjinson says, "Justice should be carried out but to whoever was involved, not the innocent."
Eksharo says to Anjinson, "They were all there, and that is enough."
Xixist says, "A secret exposed is simply information."
You say, "Every empath seeking knowledge is not Jomay."
Marssi asks, "So..punishing any curious empath is going to keep it together?"
Annael says, "How could I forget, with you there to remind me? That was long ago. Most of them have been nothing but responsible with the knowledge. The horse has escaped the barn. We should be teaching them, not viciously suppressing them. They are too curious, wayward. This silly measure will only inflame their desire for knowledge."
Kemosiris says, "Actually the only person doing punishment are the people attempting to keep it a secret."
Eksharo says, "That is not for you to decide, Guildleader. You are only a Wen, or had you forgotten? This decision does not concern you. Your place is to cooperate."
Mordibar says, "Keep beating the horse and it won't want to go to the Barn at all."
Annael asks, "What did Wyllen have to say about this? What did K'Xonei say?"
Eksharo says, "The majority ruled in favor of the recent measure. That is all that you need to know."
Anjinson says to Eksharo, "Seems as though you find it hard to cooperate as well."
Annael says, "I've been a Wen longer than you've been a Moda, K'Ekharo. I know my students. This is the wrong approach."
Eksharo says, "It had been decided. Surrender the names of the Empaths involved. I will not ask you again."
Annael says, "No."
Eksharo says, "I say again --."
Annael says, "No. I won't be party to this."
Eksharo says, "You don't have a choice, girl --."
Annael says, "I do have a choice. I am making it now. You can find someone else to do this thing. I resign."
Eksharo says, "Leave my sight. You cannot resign, you are relieved of your duties. Begone, and do not return."
Annael says, "I made the wrong choice once. Never again."
Ahnjel quietly says, "Umm."
Vansiil says, "You are an idiot, Eksharo."
Zarrurvok wryly says, "How rude..."
Heartsfyre says to Eksharo, "You wikk Rue this day sirrah."
Eksharo says, "Disperse, you riff raff."
Anjinson says to Eksharo, "I think it is you who should be gone."
Heartsfyre says, "Make us."
Marssi says, "Wow. I feel so less inclined to seek knowledge now."
Korutu asks, "Healing?"
Eksharo says, "I imagine most of you are implicated in what happened to Mirinn. There will be consequences."
Eriniel says, "We will learn whether you wish it or not."
You say to Annael, "It was the right thing to do."
Mieri says to Annael, "I beleive in your views on this issue, you are doing whats best for your students."
Mieri says, "However."
You say to Annael, "Though it must have been, and will be very hard."
Annael says, "I hope you're right."
Eriniel says, "We are behind you."
Mieri says, "Who would be there to teach us now."
Annael says to Mieri, "I don't...know."
You hear a male voice yell from the somewhere nearby, "Bring it E'ksharo."
Mieri says, "I fear perhaps this may have placed us in a far more precarious position."
You say to Mieri, "Your fellow empaths will -always- be there to teach you."
Shenae says, "If anything it is more strong with a strong leader."
Annael says, "I am very upset to leave my guildhall in disarray."
Annael says, "But I don't know what else I could have done."
Vansiil says, "I've got a cabin in Raven's Point if you wish some respite."
Marssi says, "I'm sorry that that has happened."
Vibrato asks Annael, "So now that you're not burdened with guild responsibilities... what say you and I go get a drink?"
You say to Somnas, "Have more respect than that."
Linett quietly says, "Barbarians."
Mieri says, "It is done, regardless. Your path has been chosen, Teacher."
Somnas calmly says, "I'm interested in her well being."
Anjinson says to Annael, "Stand against it."
Heartsfyre says to Annael, "Lady we are not children.. We supported you all the way. You stood up to him. and thats the best thing to happen."
Anjinson says to Annael, "Take it back."
Shenae says, "Agreed."
Annael says, "That means a lot to me."
Sharane says, "Your student will support you in this."
Heartsfyre says to Annael, "Do not let his tyranny keep you silent any longer.."
Anjinson says to Annael, "Usually if a paladin says it's ok, that means it's ok."
Annael says, "I have never agreed with Eksharo on many points, but he is going too far."
Annael says, "Things were...fine. Before."
Annael says, "There was no need for all this."
Annael says, "He worries that the knowledge will tear the guild apart, but his recent actions do more toward that end than anything else I have seen."
Eriniel says, "I agree."
You say, "Knowledge in and of itself is not good nor evil. Only what you do with it."
Anjinson says to Annael, "No one person holds dominion over knowledge."
Vansiil asks, "Who can remove a Moda from their position?"
Annael says, "I understand their fear."
Korutu says, "Healed."
Vibrato says to Caraamon, "They keep saying knowledge... I can't help but think they mean magicks. No wonder there's problems."
Annael says, "The ... shifting, is dangerous. To governments. You might shift someone to look like a ruler, or an assassin to look like a trusted guardsman."
Annael says, "But none of those things have actually happened."
Vansiil says, "Or someone to look like Eksharo."
Anjinson says to Vibrato, "Caraamon knows all about magic."
Korutu says, "Silly magics."
Eriniel says, "True."
Xixist says to Annael, "My concerns are not what you wont say but what others might."
Kemosiris asks, "His baldric knows all, right?"
Marssi says, "There's always things that MIGHT happen. Pretending it doesn't exist doesn't make it less likely."
Somnas calmly asks, "Hows it going there?"
Zynara quietly asks, "Is it possible this has happened already or is this normal behavior?"
Annael says, "It's a delicate thing."
Korutu says, "Whoes got the booze."
Korutu says, "I feel like this should be a party."
Annael says, "We do exist only with the tolerance of the governments our halls reside in."
Annael says, "But he goes too far."
Korutu says, "Got a kick to it."
Heartsfyre says to Korutu, "How the hell ya expect people to heal you if yer avoiding."
Korutu says, "I just acoid you."
Korutu says, "So people can heal me."
Mieri asks Annael, "What of the other guild halls? Would any of the others be willing to support you?"
Linett says to Annael, "I am certain Silvyrfrost would welcome you with an open bar and arms. You could set up lessons there."
Mordibar asks, "What about Shard?"
Annael says, "I don't know. Nebela and I get along, but since the incident took place in Therengia..."
Farman asks, "What's going on here?"
Annael says, "Wyllen is in an odd position because of that."
Anjinson says, "I don't speak for the paladins, but I believe we would stand behind you."
Korutu says, "Can always hang out with Agonar."
Katjia says, "Empaths and bards? sounds like a bloody party."
Xixist says, "The Keep."
Zynara quietly asks, "What of the Ratha guild hall, since the guild leader often splits his time?"
Korutu says, "He just kinda sits down there waving his greatsword around."
Linett says to Annael, "There is no guild in Theren or Lang, you could start one there as well."
Marssi says, "I don't know if she'd be welcome to that post, since she won't give up names that are demanded."
Annael says, "I have been Khalo rae Wen for a very long time."
Mieri says, "Surely there must be another who does not agree with Eksharo. Perhaps many others. It does not have to be one of the Wen."
Annael says, "I know K'Miriel and K'Xonei do not support him."
Mordibar says, "Some may not have the will to stand up to him without support."
Korutu says, "I have no idea whats going on right now but there seems to be the right amount of booze for the event."
Annael says, "And the Ilithi governments seem inclined to let them look after their own affairs."
Zarrurvok wryly says, "Guildhall in Theren... the most oppresive government in the land... bad choice."
Tuviano asks Korutu, "Sammich?"
Mordibar says, "Get enough to stand up, and others might."
Mieri says, "I simply fear for your safety, it seems those who run cross of the Moda have a way of "disappearing" from sight."
Leucius says, "Indeed."
Korutu says, "SAMMICH."
Annael says, "It's not that simple. Something must be done for Eksharo."
Annael says, "He was not always like this."
Korutu asks, "Shoot em?"
Naddja softly says, "I'll help."
Cyiarriah says, "Power corrupts people."
Kemosiris says, "Maybe he developed some for of anger related disease in his old age."
Caraamon loudly asks, "Anyone check ta see if 'e's really 'imself an not someone else lookin like 'em?"
Scandi says, "Good heal me woman."
Kemosiris says, "Er, some form of."
You say, "Velly junior. Gardening has always helped cranky old people."
Caraamon loudly says, "Would be kinda ironic."
Marssi asks, "Was he as...gruff before the ritual?"
Annael says, "He was the Empath who performed the ritual that helped bring down Lyras. With the help of one of my wayward students."
Mordibar says, "Take a mans vision and he's apt to change a bit."
Kemosiris asks, "Maybe he became tainted?"
Somnas calmly says, "Well, Empaths can shift right? Could be an imposter."
Heartsfyre says, "He was the one who went black killing off Lyras int he war.."
Heartsfyre says, "Yeah."
Annael says, "After that, he lost his empathy, and he has been, odd. It nearly killed him I think."
Xixist says, "I am proud of you Annael.. you champion us all."
Anjinson says to Leucius, "We could speak with the leaders, to see if they will lend support."
Zynara quietly says, "He still had life magic clinging to him."
Leucius says, "It makes sense. Asrea certainly isn't like she used to be either."
Korutu says, "Asrea is nice to me."
Mordibar says, "The touch of Lyras...."
Leucius says, "See? totally odd."
Caraamon loudly says, "Asrea is crazy. Not necessarily a bad ting."
Mordibar says, "No one would be the same."
Annael says, "I am sorry about Asrea."
Korutu says, "Shes always been nice to me."
Scandi says, "Just because you have life magic clinging to you doesnt mean you are not corrupted in mind."
Eiysa asks, "What's goin on?"
Annael says, "Something is wrong with her, but we should have known...especially after how Eksharo began behaving."
Zynara quietly says, "True enough."
Korutu says, "SAMMICH."
Mordibar asks Annael, "Can he not be demeed unfit for office?"
Katjia says, "Now maybe he will shut up about a sammich."
Korutu says, "Arm wrestle for it."
Leucius says, "Just because someone might be bonkers doesn't mean they are always wrong."
Korutu says, "Whatever the issue is."
You say to Annael, "Being treated like a criminal and an oucast by her own guild surely does not help."
Annael says to Mordibar, "I don't know if there's a precedent."
Vansiil asks, "Is there a way to remove him from his position, until he returns to normal?"
Eiysa says to Leucius, "I'm bonkers, and I'm right at least 15% of the time."
Vibrato says to Katjia, "He'll just want a bigger one after that one."
Anjinson says, "Then set one."
Mordibar says, "Someone has to be first."
Anjinson says, "Thats why they are precedents."
Annael says, "I had hoped that Salvur's research might restore his empathy."
Annael says, "But...not so far."
Scandi says, "Wait a moment."
Xixist says, "Hmm."
Zynara quietly asks, "And he has the seed?"
Marssi says, "I can't see how having someone as ill as him leading the guild is a good thing."
Zynara quietly asks, "Is it possible the seed is tainted?"
Scandi asks, "He is leading the empaths and doesnt have empathy?"
Naddja softly asks, "That is why salvur couldn't heal?"
Annael says, "I believe he does, but I think I would have heard if anything had happened."
Mordibar says, "Not if it is dividing the guild."
Annael says, "I meant, he has the seed."
Vibrato says to Annael, "Look. Here's the deal, other will take care of it, if not and things get out of hand, us barbarians will save all your butts. In the mean time, I know this great bartender, Rushleel... says he has a table waitin for the two of us."
Scandi says, "I may have misunderstood."
Annael says, "K'Eksharo was a good Moda, and he did the whole world a great service."
Zynara quietly asks, "Is his behavior different since he got the seed or has he always been this way?"
Vibrato says to Heartsfyre, "Rougher."
Annael says, "It's not the nature of the guild, usually, to put aside the wounded, however they may have come to be that way."
Annael says to Zynara, "He's been this way since the ritual. As far as I know. He wasn't seen for a very long time, afterwards."
Caraamon loudly asks Annael, "Okay, so, honestly. Are ya sure it's really him?"
Annael says, "I do not think he could fool the other Modien, no."
Mordibar says, "It does not have to be permenant, just until he recovers."
Marssi asks, "I know there was talk of forcing help on Asrea. Could help not be forced on him as well?"
Annael says, "If we knew how, perhaps."
Heartsfyre says to Annael, "Then we must convince the rest of the Modas to do an evaluation of him. He needs to see what hes doin. but you.. you are the one who was kicked out. so you should be the voice to make the rest of the Modas see reason .. Let them know what is happening. and to just try and see if we are right about his mentality."
Farman says, "You can't impersonate your life-force, just hide it, right? should be easy to tell if it were an impostor."
Korutu says, "For a mob there is a overall lack of torches here."
Gall asks, "Wasn't Eksharo the one that kicked her out?"
Marssi says to Gall, "She resigned."
Marssi asks, "Oh, Asrea?"
Gall says, "Ahh."
Caraamon loudly asks, "Bedder?"
Annael says to Farman, "It would be difficult to fool any Empath of skill."
Annael says, "For now, I think I will take rooms in Kaerna village. Messages can reach me there."
Annael says, "I will have to be nearby while I put my affairs in order."
Annael says, "After that...we'll see."
Naddja softly asks, "What?"
Mordibar asks, "Do you need an escort?"
Mieri says, "There are Xala'shar all over the roads near that town."
Naddja softly says, "I'll come with."
Scandi asks, "Wait so your not the guild leader anymore here?"
Marssi says, "She's pretty tough."
Naddja softly asks, "So who well be here?"
Mordibar says, "Just the same... I think an escort would be wise."
Annael says, "I suppose that's for Eksharo to worry about."
Annael says, "I am sorry to leave my hall in this state, and I don't think Mirinn will help him."
Leucius says, "You are certainly welcome in Ilithi at any time."
Annael says, "For the next little while, it might be good to direct newcomers to Nebela in Riverhaven."
Mordibar asks, "Can you blame her?"
Marssi says to Annael, "Thank you for standing up for us."
Farman says to Annael, "You are the only guild leader I have known, and the only one I care to have. I am at your service."
Annael says, "I must go, this day has been wearing."
Caraamon loudly says to Leucius, "While she's gone, we could put Pfan's plans inta action."
Heartsfyre says to Annael, "May you rest well Lady."
Scandi says, "I would be honored to escort you to kaerina."
Sarkranis whispers, "I thought we were meeting at Willow Walk."
Mistanna tenderly says, "Rest well m'lady."
Annael says, "Until we meet again."

Salvur says, "And you're not going to share? Manners, my dear. Manners."
Halfrida says, "Come along, old man."
Vansiil says, "Its a stunning brew."
Salvur says, "Ahhh, just what I need."
Salvur takes a drink of his apricot tequila. He smiles at first but then makes a strange face and falls to the ground, looking rather ill.
Halfrida says, "I don't want to have to wring you out again, when we get to zoluren."
Salvur says, "Harrumph."
Salvur leaps to his feet!
Salvur puts his hands in the air and starts doing a dance, but he seems to be horribly off-rhythm.
Vansiil asks, "How are the plants doing, Salvur?"
Salvur asks, "Can't you tell how glad they are to see me?"
Salvur puts his hands in front of him to imitate a squirrel and scoots around the room, occasionally stopping to say "Do the squirrel dance!" in an obnoxiously loud voice.
Salvur says, "Err."
You say, "They do seem very energetic."
Vansiil says, "Very willing to embrace anyone."
Salvur asks, "What's in this?"
Salvur begins singing a horribly off-key song and stumbles around drunkenly, as if trying to dance. However, it looks like he's failing pretty badly, his feet flailing rather randomly.
Salvur relaxes and looks a lot less inclined to dance.
Vansiil says, "I'm not sure. Just came out of my magic booze crate."
Halfrida says, "Please try to preserve a few iotas of dignity, old man. You're going to need them."
Salvur hiccups.
Salvur says, "Charming."
Vansiil asks, "Are you two headed back north by any chance?"
Halfrida says, "If I can chivvy him that far. We might not make it before nightfall at this rate."
Halfrida says, "K'Eksharo wants him."
Salvur says, "Somehow I always thought it'd feel better, to be wanted."
Vansiil says, "If needed, I can always speed up that trip. Distance is of no concern."
Salvur says, "Dumped me out here in the middle of nowhere to waste away, and now you want me every other week it seems."
Salvur asks, "What does he want this time?"
Halfrida says, "Not for me to ask. He'll tell you when we get there."
Halfrida asks Vansiil, "How much are you asking?"
Halfrida says, "I left in a hurry."
You whisper to Salvur, "Annael stepped down as Wen."
Salvur whispers, "Bloody void..."
Salvur says, "Oh no."
Salvur says to Halfrida, "No."
Vansiil says, "A mere ten platinum."
Halfrida asks Salvur, "No, what?"
Salvur exclaims, "No I won't be a bloody Wen!"
Salvur exclaims, "You can't make me!"
Halfrida says, "I don't know what he wants you for, I said."
Vansiil says, "To Crossings it is."
You whisper to Salvur, "You'll never leave that garden again."
Salvur exclaims, "I protest!"
Halfrida says, "I really wish you'd stop singing."
Vansiil says, "My apologies, Salvur."
You whisper to Salvur, "One plant filled space for another."
Vansiil says, "Keep it."
Miskton says, "It sounds like you might need it."
Vansiil says, "You will probably need it."
Salvur says, "Hmph."
Salvur says, "Let's get it over with."
Vansiil says, "And I can always find more."
Salvur says, "But I'm saying no. You just..."
(They both head off to Eksharo's.)

(Outside the Crossing guild, after Salvur meets with Eksharo.)
Salvur says, "Bloody void."
Vansiil says, "Oh my."
Farman says, "Hello Salvur."
Marssi says, "Oh, hi."
Kaeta asks Salvur, "Good stuff?"
Salvur says, "Harrumph."
Aislynn quietly exclaims, "Oh, do the dance!"
Sarkranis asks Salvur, "How goes the seed?"
Salvur says, "Your K'Eksharo is as mad as a hatter, I hope you know."
Asrea says, "Not mine."
Vahlissa says, "The provinces are stronger if they are allied though. Regardless with how odd Therenn is."
Farman says, "That is why we are here on the street."
Salvur says, "He browbeat me into taking on this....this...rabble."
Salvur says, "Err, no offense."
Vansiil says, "As rabble goes, they aren't too bad."
Sarkranis says, "The title K' should be reserved for those who are worth respecting."
Scandi says, "YOu realize you dont have to do anything you dont want too."
Aislynn quietly says, "We are quiet. And clean up after ourselves."
Salvur says, "He threatened me."
Sarkranis asks Salvur, "Wait, you're supposed to deal with us?"
Kaeta says to Salvur, "We like lushes too."
Marssi says, "He threatened us, too."
Scandi asks, "Thretened?"
Asrea asks Salvur, "Are you that selfish?"
Naddja softly says, "Ooo."
Salvur says, "Said he'd see it that I died of old age out in the woods and never had a taste of anything better."
Salvur says, "He could do it, too."
Sarkranis says to Salvur, "That might be better than the alternative."
Scandi says, "Oh man tell him to make that threat to me."
Scandi says, "Please."
Salvur says to Sarkranis, "Don't think I didn't consider it."
Farman says, "The bards are on our side, they have promised to keep us lubricated."
Vahlissa says, "Seems to me the more that stand together, the stronger they will be."
You ask Salvur, "Come to join the protest?"
Asrea asks Salvur, "You'll have us held back by him because you're afraid to be exiled?"
Salvur says to Asrea, "I already have been exiled."
Asrea says to Salvur, "I don't know you but I had hoped for more."
Salvur says, "For decades."
Salvur says, "I have had enough."
Farman says, "Eksharo has overplayed his hand, and won't be in power for long."
Sarkranis asks Salvur, "So by deal with this rabble, are you becoming Wen or what?"
Salvur says to Sarkranis, "Provisionally, I told him."
Asrea asks Salvur, "So now you're willing to throw your kin under the bus for a comfy chair?"
Asrea says to Salvur, "Some guild leader."
Salvur says, "You won't be able to just oust a Moda."
Marssi says, "It's nice to have such enthusiastic leadership."
Salvur says, "Use your brains."
You ask Salvur, "Removal of all the plants in the garden?"
Farman says, "Don't go in there, Salvur... follow Annael and support us, your guild members."
Salvur says, "Got to work...around him."
Sarkranis asks, "No empathy, no problem, right?"
Salvur says, "I gave him the seed."
Naddja softly says, "So do it from here."
Vahlissa asks Salvur, "Is that what you've been doing in the woods all this time? Working around him?"
Marssi says, "I'm sure that will do the guild good. Everyone's been working around him, and here we are."
Salvur says to Vahlissa, "I've been...working up quite a lot of ire, really."
Vahlissa says, "Hrm."
Naddja softly says, "So would you rather us kill you instead/."
Sarkranis says to Salvur, "I was hoping that wouldn't happen. He will not value truth or research over keeping us in the dark, if it comes down to it."
Salvur says, "I am not happy about this, no I am not."
Scandi says, "Oh forget the silly stuff...."
Scandi says, "Assassin for hire."
Arandrowse says, "There lots of people standing here."
Aislynn quietly says, "It is the new Empath's Guild."
Kaeta asks Salvur, "Well, did you want to do research, or teach?"
Sarkranis says to Arandrowse, "Nothing gets past you."
Marssi asks, "Is this the punishment he threatened us with? An unwilling guild leader?"
Arandrowse exclaims, "Rubies!"
Aislynn quietly says, "The building is untenable."
Aislynn quietly says, "Unstable foundation, you see."
Hanafae says, "Yes but not now, important matters at hand."
Kaeta says to Aislynn, "I'll confirm that, as I saw a bomb go off beneath it."
Salvur says, "I don't know of any Empath right now who'd be thrilled to step into this mess."
Farman says, "No offense to you, Salvur, but this isn't the way you want to advance your career."
Farman says, "Think of your legacy."
Salvur says, "My career couldn't be less advanced."
Salvur says, "I told him I didn't want this mess."
Aislynn quietly says, "Much safer to heal out here. The air is much cleaner, anyways."
Farman asks, "Forever hated as the puppet of a mad Moda? or stood bravely with the guild to clean house?"
Kaeta says to Salvur, "But, you're a Wen now."
Naddja softly says, "Think of those that you are hindering."
Sarkranis whispers, "OOC: I don't want to go, but I can't stick around. I'll want to be filled in ICly later."
Sarkranis says, "I'll be back later."
You ask Salvur, "Have you checked yourself for wounds lately? Spine is still intact, yes?"
Aislynn quietly asks, "Salvur, will you speak with Annael, before you take her place?"
Hanafae says, "We don't want Annael to leave."
Farman asks, "What power does Eksharo hold over you, anyway?"
Salvur says, "I used to be a guild researcher. Still am, I suppose."
Salvur says, "I put my feet wrong, ended up studying plants in the middle of nowhere for decades."
Salvur says, "That's the power they have. Ruined my life. Did it wit a smile. I've had enough."
Hanafae says, "Plants save lives too."
Vahlissa asks, "Why did they stick you out in the woods to begin with?"
Farman says, "It must have interested you on some level."
Farman says, "And apparently you have made some important discoveries."
Scandi asks, "Where is this Person Eksharo thats causeing all these issues? Why is he not standing here and putting his foot down if he is so almighty?"
You say, "He is tucked away in his home on Willow Walk."
Farman says to Salvur, "The past is dead, we must look towards the future."
Aislynn quietly says, "Because he is a shell of a man, now. And it is so very obvious that he is... broken."
Farman says, "No, I don't think so, Aislynn."
Farman says, "I think he has one last fight in him."
Aislynn quietly asks, "Eksharo?"
Salvur says, "Can't just leave this hall abandoned. Even if the Wen is...not, err, very qualified."
Naddja softly says, "I am sure that we could take him on."
Scandi says, "Then maybe he should just go peacefully into the night."
Salvur says, "Sorry, that's the way it is. If Annael will come back, she can bloody have her job."
Farman says, "Yes we can and yes we will."
Hanafae asks, "What is it we are suppose to do, exactly?"
Naddja softly says to Salvur, "They can do like they do on the Islands and rove between the guildhalls."
Salvur says, "I told them I was sick of those woods, but I didn't have this in all."
Astryle asks, "Did someone say plants? Does any of this have to do with that research on those Vela'tohr things?"
Aislynn quietly says, "I think it would be a far more interesting thing if Eksharo managed to lose two Wen in the same night."
Vansiil asks, "Shalvur, under what circumstances does one stop being a Moda?"
Salvur says to Vansiil, "Die or go missing."
Farman asks, "Go missing?"
Scandi asks, "Die?"
Kaeta asks Salvur, "'Be careful what you wish for'?"
Aislynn quietly says, "Or be... not an Empath, one imagines."
Salvur says, "We had a couple wander off and never come back."
Salvur says, "We haven't ever had one stop being an Empath, that's the trouble."
You say, "Yes, 'wander off'."
Naddja softly says, "I like the first option."
Aislynn quietly says, "There is a first time for everything."
Salvur says, "Don't worry about that list of names, I don't know any of your bloody names yet anyway."
Salvur says, "Well."
Salvur says, "Except a couple."
Myrea says, "And this is interesting."
Vansiil asks, "Wouldn't loss of ones empathic skill technically mean they are not an Empath?"
Mookei says, "Hi."
Marssi asks, "So should that could worry?"
Mookei asks, "Party time?"
Aislynn quietly says, "One imagines so."
Salvur says to Vansiil, "You don't thank the man who stopped that lich by firing him for doing such a good job."
Salvur says to Vansiil, "Wouldn't be...right."
Farman says, "If he has a sickness then he should be cured."
Vansiil says, "Might be a bit nicer than outright killing him."
Salvur says, "Maybe the Modien in Qi or Forf have the stomach for it."
Scandi says, "Youtake all my fun away."
Aislynn quietly says, "He ought to research something far, far away."
Vansiil says, "Just trying to come up with some options to work around him."
Naddja softly says, "Mine too."
Navesi asks Salvur, "K'Salvur. Do you know a human man with a scarred face?"
Salvur says, "Wyllen probably wants to fix him. K'Xonei's probably wringing her hands and sighing a lot."
Farman says, "Salvur... if you agree that Eksharo is mad then you should refuse this position."
Salvur says, "The province needs a Wen, and I need to get out of those damn woods."
Naddja softly says, "No, no, no."
Farman says, "We have some lovely resorts you could visit."
Naddja softly says, "That is not what i want to hear."
Salvur says, "I doubt Annael would want the hall standing empty."
Farman says, "The seaside is quite bracing."
Salvur asks Navesi, "Uh. What?"
Vahlissa says, "Eksharo, who is Eksharo's superior? I always say, follow the power or coin and you will know why."
Marssi says, "Annael said that it's Eksharo's problem."
Navesi says, "A human man, with a scarred face. Do you know one? It relates to a vision that some lunar mages report."
Salvur says, "Um."
Aislynn quietly says, "I love that dance."
Asrea says, "Time in the woods can make a man old."
Salvur says, "Been a while since I looked in a mirror."
Salvur says, "But I think that would fit me pretty well. Goes to show you how much stock you should put in those things."
Vahlissa says, "Oh yes, have to have someone in the guild. Can't leave it empty. Pretty soon we wil all be doing the squirrel dance."
Farman says, "Better not go in there, Annael's birds will attack."
Salvur says, "Someone gave me this. Forget who..."
You say, "Vansiil."
Navesi says to Salvur, "Your face does not look so scarred..."
Aislynn quietly asks, "Salvur, who will heal the Vela'thor?"
Vansiil says, "Sure, blame me for the squirrel dance."
Salvur says to Aislynn, "I left my research with Nagid...Nag...Nadigo."
Navesi asks Salvur, "Are you good with horses, by chance?"
Salvur says, "Um. No. Terrible beasts."
Salvur says, "Scar's where I got that bit of white."
Salvur says, "In m'hair. Hmmm."
Aislynn quietly says, "Drat. Someone already took my "Crossing Empath" button."
Vahlissa says to Salvur, "This is quite the change. From the open air to four walls. It will take time to adjust."
Navesi asks Salvur, "Did any of the Khalo accompany you during your research into the Vela'Tohr?"
Salvur exclaims, "Halfrida was just...the vines don't lik her. Ha!"
Kaeta dryly says, "Don't think the vines like most anyone."
Navesi asks, "Halfrida was there with you?"
Marssi says, "She's so friendly, too."
Salvur says, "She's the one they sent to...fetch me."
Navesi asks, "Did she feel overwhelmed by the plants?"
Salvur says, "Hauled up before K'Eksharo like a naughty schoolboy."
Naddja softly asks, "How long was she there with you ?"
Salvur says, "They mobbed her like she was their last hope of food. Hilarious."
Navesi asks, "What about her sense of their life presence? Did that overwhelm her?"
Salvur says, "Perhaps like attracts like. She has the personality of a...a bloodvine."
Naddja softly asks, "So she did not assist you at all with you research over the time that you were there?"
Salvur says, "She's an Aev."
You say, "She is prickly enough."
Salvur says, "She watches."
Salvur says, "Eyes, you know."
Salvur says, "She's an Aev in zoluren what's more."
Kaeta says, "Yeah, she did seem rough."
Salvur says, "She does K'Eksharo's dirty work, these days."
Salvur says, "She used to be nice..."
Navesi asks, "What dirty work is that?"
Naddja softly says, "So why keep her around."
Kaeta asks, "Used to?"
Naddja softly asks, "What happened?"
Sharane says, "Thank you."
Salvur exclaims, "She got K'Eksharo as a boss!"
Astryle says to Salvur, "I dont think you are who you represent yourself to be."
Vibrato says, "Which ever one ya don't like as much, just put on a donation shelf or somethin."
Hanafae asks, ">sal so if I understand correctly, yer ta take the place of Annael and yer not gonna teach us what we need ta know?"
Salvur asks Hanafae, "What do you need to know?"
Vahlissa says, "Hah.. nothing but a lone cleric in the guild now."
Hanafae asks, "Isnt that yer job?"
You say to Salvur, "Everything about empathy."
You say to Salvur, "Everything."
Salvur says, "You usually ask about what you want to know, then the Wen prattles on for a while."
Vahlissa says to Salvur, "Good luck serving an empty guild. It will be more lonely than the plants."
Kaeta says to Salvur, "I'd like to know a little bit more about vela'tohr."
Astryle says, "Just seems odd that one leader leaves and you are here to hurry and take her place.. and you dont seem to have anything nice to say about... well anyone."
Salvur says, "Rather than just saying, 'I need to know something!' But refusing to say what."
Naddja softly says to Salvur, "Do you not have that information then."
You say to Salvur, "How to kill a necromancer."
Salvur asks Naddja, "What about 'em?"
Salvur asks you, "Throw rocks at them? Knives?"
Aislynn quietly asks, "How did Eksharo stop the lich?"
Marssi asks, "How can an empath use their abilities to kill a necromancer?"
Hanafae says, "I refuse to accept you as a leader of any sort."
Kaeta says to you, "Harsh words is about as good as we get."
Salvur says, "That hurt."
Hanafae says, "I doubt it somehow."
Salvur says to Aislynn, "I didn't ask him."
You say to Salvur, "That works well."
Aislynn quietly asks, "I would like to learn this. Can you teach me?"
Salvur asks Aislynn, "Do I look like a Moda to you?"
Farman asks, "I can see you are in a tough spot, Salvur, but do we have your word that you will step down if and when Annael wishes to return?"
Aislynn quietly says, "No, you look like a teacher."
Naddja softly asks Salvur, "When i need the learning.... are you able to give me the knowlege that i will be seeking at that time? or will you be worthless as you seem now?"
Salvur says, "She can have it, if she wants it back."
Vansiil whispers, "what was that stunn?"
Aislynn quietly says, "And a leader."
Astryle says, "No he doesnt."
You whisper to Vansiil, "Shock."
Farman says, "You should work with us to stop Ekharo."
Vansiil whispers, "you been shocking yourself a few times today, eh?"
Salvur says, "So many demands."
You whisper to Vansiil, "Only time so far today."
Salvur says, "Takes time to turn a ship as big as this guild about."
Hanafae says, "Welcome to leadership."
Navesi asks Salvur, "Do you know who has been bombing the guild?"
Scandi says, "Well then maybe you should reconsider being the temprary leader."
Marssi says, "So crazy how we'd want to learn about our abilities."
Salvur says, "Not going to accomplish much in one night, for all your pitchforks and torches."
Vahlissa says, "Well, it is turning because it is quite emtpy in there."
Kaeta says to Salvur, "Should calm down in a day or two."
Naddja softly says to Salvur, "You can try to meet our demands... or you can step down."
Farman says, "That's funny, it seems Eksharo has accomplished quite a lot in one night."
Salvur asks, "How did he come to that power? Did that happen in a night?"
Astryle says, "Where did I put my pitchfork.."
Vahlissa asks, "With the ban happening with the empath guild, where will triage be held? The temple?"
Farman says, "He is not the only one with power."
Kaeta asks Salvur, "So how DOES one become a Moda?"
Naddja softly asks, "Are they voted in or just appointed?"
Aislynn quietly says, "We are the Guild. We are his power. We say the Guild has changed. Eksharo has not changed. He is not the Guild, he is a confused, broken man."
Salvur says to Kaeta, "It depends. I believe Mirinn appointed him when she retired."
Salvur says, "I know she appointed Annael as wen, originally."
Kaeta says, "So appointed by the previous holder."
Salvur says, "But sometimes a Moda will die, or disappear, and I don't know how it works then."
Salvur says, "Not an Elf, am I."
Suffis asks, "Could I bother an Empath for a touch up when they have a spare moment please?"
Naddja softly asks Salvur, "So he is trying to get rid of all other Wen that are associated to Mirinn?"
Kaeta says, "Sure, only a dozen or so of us standing around."
Salvur says, "Before now...well, since I got stuck out in the woods, I've tried to stay clear of that sort of politicking."
Salvur says, "Feh. Now or never."

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