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Advance Notification: La'Heke, Kra'Hei, and Pirates, Oh My! · on 4/18/2007 3:19:54 PM 6113

Tomorrow evening I will be releasing some updates to three creatures on Ratha -- the La'heke, Kra'hei, and Skeletal Sailors. In the cases of the la'heke and kra'hei, they will simple begin using their spellcasting abilities again, something that they forgot they had in the wake of Magic 2.1.

  • La'heke will now begin using their special spellcasting ability again. Hunters aboard the wreck of the Seerah may find these creatures much more sure of their footing.
  • Many of the older residents of Ratha still tell horror stories of the dangers of passing through the kra'hei portion of the sewers. The danger has returned, as has the deadly spellcasting ability of the kra'hei. Those who use the sewers are warned to be very careful and to move very swiftly. (Note: I significently reduced the effectiveness of the kra'hei magic, but they are still among the most deadly spellcasters in the game. Enter the sewers at your own risk).
  • The skeletal sailors on Ratha have had a few of their abilities set far below their actual level for years. These abilities have been updated to more accurately reflect their current level. Their special seaweed entanglement attack has also been updated to work more similar to other webbing critters. The seaweed may now be shield blocked at melee range, and will utilize and teach the escaping skill should you become snared.
  • Pirates that ply the sea in and around Ratha have also had some of their abilities fixed at a lower level, even though the pirates themselves can vary drastically in level and ability. Pirates should now have skills and abilities that more accurately reflect their intended level. In addition, pirates have received some updates to their messaging, and should exhibit a bit more variety and personality. Rumor has it a few new types of pirates may occassionally turn up as well during raids. Note: Pirates will no longer flex. This was supposed to have been changed years ago, but was never implimented.

Note: These changes are not yet live in any instance (except pirates in Platinmum). There will be an in-game announcement and a news post before they go live. They are scheduled to go live in Platinum and Prime tomorrow evening, with TF to follow in a few days.

- GM Dartenian

This message was originally posted in Creatures of Elanthia - General Discussions - Creatures, by DR-DARTENIAN on the forums.