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A Haramorlam, a priest and an entourage (Long log) · on 1/26/2011 1:17:08 AM 8633
Ok the summary will come first, because the log may be fragmented. Not only was I exhausted, but I got separated from the group on a few different occasions. So..Oh and I'm actually too tired to proofread this, so sorry if my log leaves a lot to be desired! :-X

Summary: Rawalf, a cleric of Rutilor and Phelim from Forfedhdar, ran across the aftermath of a caravan robbery. There were dead people, a caravan and this horse. The horse breed is Haramorlam which is typically bred somewhere south of Therengia. Their name is Gamgweth for "Strong Black" because of their coal black coats. Anyway, the one fellow who was still alive told Rawalf that the horse had been stolen. But it was bought and paid for by a gentleman in Therengia but he obviously had not received it yet.

So we travel Northward on boats and via moongates until we get to Therengia. We announced our arrival and Valkri was able to get us the help of Lord Alured. He so kindly put the beautiful horse in the stables. I spoke with Lord Alured near the end and he agreed that a note should be posted on the city gates regarding the find. I'm super tired now, but I hope I covered everything.


Rawalf says, "So I came upon what appeared to be a botched highway robbery." Rawalf says, "I found dead people all over... some were merchants, others robbers." Rawalf says, "And, a caravan." Rawalf says, "And this horse."

Rawalf glances at a Haramorlam horse. Powerhaus says, "Scuse me."

A Haramorlam horse whinnies.

Powerhaus asks, "Where was this?"

Rawalf asks, "Yes?"

Harlet coughs.

Harlet stretches her arms.

Rawalf says, "Ah, south and west of here." Rawalf says, "The Trader's representives in Shard seemed to know the trader though."

A Haramorlam horse whickers softly.

A Haramorlam horse flicks its tail across its back, aiming for a brave insect.

You ask, "Perhaps he was from southern Therengia where the horses are typically bred?"

A Haramorlam horse whinnies.

Rawalf says, "Or at least they were happy to receive his papers and effects and cash box."

Rawalf ponders. Rawalf says, "Well, that I do not know." Rawalf says, "All I know is that the one fellow who was still alive." Rawalf says, "Said that the horse was stolen."

Rawalf says, "That it had been paid for by a fellow from Therengia but never delivered." Rawalf says, "So I vowed right then and there to return it." Rawalf exclaims, "Well that is very helpful of you!"

Rawalf beams at you! What a warm feeling! > Rawalf says, "All of you are so wonderful." Rawalf says, "I only wish you had been there when that caravan got attacked." Rawalf says, "The roads these days."

Rawalf shakes his head.

Mujaki asks Rawalf, "Did you check the horse? Did it have saddle bags or whatnot? Nothing hidden under the blanket or tied into the mane?"

You see Blessed Rawalf, a Human Cleric. Rawalf has blue eyes. His golden hair is long and straight, and is worn braided. He has translucent skin. He appears to be young. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a black velvet clergy cape fully lined in satin with braided gold trim on the arm slits, a stiff white clerical collar, a heavy gold amulet bearing a nightingale and a mongoose, a traveler's satchel and a long black cassock that drapes to the floor in soft folds.

Milabeth says, "Caravans are less and less safe."

Rawalf roots around the area for a moment.

Rawalf says, "It looks like there ought to be apples here."

Powerhaus gets a bright red apple from inside his traveler' Rawalf speaks gently to the horse as he approaches closer to it. Extending his hand, palm down, he lets the horse sniff him.

A Haramorlam horse whickers softly.

Rawalf feeds a bright red apple to a Haramorlam horse.

Rawalf smiles.

The Haramorlam horse is eighteen hands high with a coal black coat. It has a black mane and tail. It is a gelding with no other markings. The horse is wearing a leather halter, a torn black blanket, and an azure satin lead rope woven from strips of clerical vestments. You recognize Rawalf's brand on the horse's flank.

Rawalf says, "He looks a fierce one but he is a horse all the same." Rawalf says, "Well I thought that I would make public the need to find the owner."

Rawalf says, "And that he would, with any luck, step forward."

A Haramorlam horse whickers softly.

Rawalf says, "I do not see why anybody who'd made such an investment would remain hidden for long."

Rawalf nods.

Rawalf pats a Haramorlam horse's neck.

You say, "The problem with that is that this is a relatively rare breed of horse."

Rawalf says, "Oh yes, so of course the person must be frantic with worry."

You say, "Someone may try to lay a false claim."

Rawalf nods in agreement.

A Haramorlam horse whinnies.

Rawalf ponders.

Milabeth says to you, "I offered to go through sales records at the brokers. Has to be some record of the horse."

Rawalf asks, "Do you think so?"

Rawalf says, "Well that would be disappointing."

You say to Rawalf, "You look like a member of the clergy, sir."

Rawalf bows to Powerhaus.

Powerhaus nods. > Rawalf says, "Yes, I am." > Rawalf smiles at you. Rawalf says, "I do hope my church will be able to compensate me, though it'd definitely fall into the category of "unusual travel costs."

"That is a ragged blanket for such a regal beast."(Sorry, first part of this got cut off)

Rawalf says, "I believe he was wearing it during the attack on the caravan."

Rawalf says, "But I had nothing better for him."

Rawalf says, "I hope the owner will not be offended."

Mujaki says, "I hope the horse received no wound under such a tear."

Rawalf says, "I thought returning him shivering would be even worse."

Rawalf asks, "Are the Therengians quick to offend?"

You say, "If he is any man worth his weight in grain, he should be especially grateful that you have made this journey for his sake."

Rawalf beams at you! What a warm feeling!

Rawalf says, "That is a much more pleasant thought to be sure."

Rawalf says, "I shall try to focus on that."

Rawalf says, "Well one was clearly a master trader."

Rawalf says, "Some might have been the trader's retainers for they were relatively well dressed."

Rawalf says, "And then others, were clearly uh."

Rawalf says, "Ruffians of one type or another."

Rawalf says, "But as to the man I spoke to, I confess I should have paid more attention."

Rawalf frowns.

Mujaki asks, "Are the dead bodies still there?"

You jot down some notes.

Rawalf says, "Oh no, I buried every one."

Rawalf says, "And took all the papers and the cash coffer to the Trader guild in Shard."

Rawalf says, "They were most appreciative."

Rawalf says, "I hope they knew the trader."

Milabeth says, "I'm sure they did."

You ask, "So..what made you decide to do this? Just the goodness of your heart?"

Rawalf says, "Rutilor is the god who serves he who is small and has no change in the face of greater opposition."

Rawalf says, "Like the man who paid, and was robbed of this beautiful animal." Rawalf says, "Ah! The ferry has arrived."

Rawalf asks, "Shall we?" Rawalf says, "Hello, fellow travelers."

Healfdene asks Rawalf, "I hear you are heading north to His Grace Baron Gyfford's lands?"

Xeniuss bows to Rawalf.

Rawalf blinks. > Rawalf exclaims, "Why yes!"

Xeniuss says, "Hello how are you this fine day." Rawalf says, "Word certainly travels quickly in these parts."

Mujaki says, "This may sound bad but sometimes things are stolen for a good reason. You cannot know for sure the person you are returning this beast to is a good person."

A Haramorlam horse flicks its tail across its back, aiming for a brave insect.

Rawalf ponders.

Rawalf says, "That is not a very pleasant thought." . You say, "And yet sometimes it is just thievery and the greedyness and jealousy of others."

You say, "It's a dangerous world." Rawalf asks, "You were travelling that way as well?" Rawalf says, "But of course then."

Mujaki says, "Aye but it is a harsh world. You just have to be aware of all angles and possibilities."

Rawalf says, "Quite rare I'm given to understand." (re: the horse)

Healfdene asks Rawalf, "Might I inquire who it got stolen from?"

Rawalf says, "I wish I knew."

Rawalf says, "All I know for certain is that a man from Therengia paid for him in advance."

Rawalf says, "But he was never delivered."

Rawalf says, "Stolen."

Rawalf shrugs.

Healfdene says, "Then pray tell how do you plan on returning it? I've lived in Therengia nearly all my life, never heard anyone who had paid for a Haramorlam."

Rawalf asks, "Therengia cannot be too large of a place... can it?"

Rawalf pats a Haramorlam horse's neck.

You say, "Therengia actually encompasses the vast Velakan desert as well, Father Rawalf."

Rawalf pats a Haramorlam horse's neck.

Healfdene says, "Huge actually...incorporates Throne City, Riverhaven, Langenfirth, Rossmans Keep, Therenborough, among others."

Powerhaus says, "A few sizable towns too."

Xeniuss approaches a Haramorlam horse but it shies away from him.

Rawalf says, "Oh my."

-- We dock at Crossings from the ferry -- Rawalf exclaims, "What a large city!" > Rawalf says, "Quite south and west of here."

(I tried to use recall history and perceive historu

Rawalf says, "I came upon a highway robbery."

Powerhaus nods to Rawalf.

Rawalf says, "Or I should say, the aftermath of one."

Rawalf says, "A bloody one, where many died on both sides."

A Haramorlam horse whinnies.

Rawalf says, "There was a caravan, and plenty of dead."

Rawalf says, "And this horse."

A Haramorlam horse whickers softly.

Rawalf gestures at a Haramorlam horse. Rawalf says to you, "That is very interesting." Rawalf says, "It is possible that a victim was riding him, I am not sure." Rawalf says, "All I know is that the only fellow left alive, told me the horse was stolen."

Rawalf says, "But never delivered." Rawalf says, "And I vowed on the spot to return it." Rawalf says, "And then the man departed."

Rawalf sighs. Mujaki says, "That just seems so strange." Rawalf asks, "Have any of you a way to send word on ahead so that we are expected?"

Mujaki asks, "Why would it be so important that the man made that his last words?" Rawalf says, "I wondered that as well." Rawalf says, "Perhaps it weighed upon his conscience."

Powerhaus asks Rawalf, "What parts do you come from?" Rawalf says, "I am from Hibarnvidhar." Rawalf says, "Oh not right in town of course."

Rawalf says, "The countryside near there. Rawalf asks, "It would be very well if the fellow happens to be there wouldn't it?"

Rawalf exclaims, "I hope he is!" Healfdene says to Rawalf, "Hopefully yes. If not, mayhaps you can stable it in the stables in the Keep until you search him out. The Keep Stables are the best in Elanthia."

--going through the wastelands-- Rawalf says, "Well this is not a very nice place to look at." Rawalf frowns.

--we go to Haven and are gated to Lang but the gate closes and we lose the horse. We meet Jerde in Lang--

Rawalf says to Jerde, "I come bringing the property of a Therengian."

You say to Healfdene, "That is wonderful news, sir."

Rawalf says, "However I seem to have lost it temporarily."

Rawalf says, "Hence my distraction."

Rawalf frets.

Jerde asks, "Aye Sir... who's horse?"

Rawalf says, "On the other side of a very intermittent moongate."

Rawalf says, "Ah, I have come all the way from Shard, and beyond."

... a lot of nothing important is being said...

At this point I got lost from the group so something could possibly be missing.

Alured offers to take care of the horse.

You see Master of the Horse Alured Ananthor, a Human Paladin. He has short wavy auburn hair, piercing green eyes and fair skin. A thin dueling scar on his left cheek draws attention to his classical nose and square jaw. He is tall for a human with an athletic build. He is in his prime. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a black leather cross belt with a leather document pouch bearing the Baronial seal of Therengia, a white silk shirt, a royal blue cavalry tunic with golden regimental buttons, a polished steel cuirass with gold mounts and ornate shoulder straps, a black leather split strap sword belt with golden buckles and fittings, some tan leather riding breeches and some supple black leather top boots with golden rowel spurs.

Jerde bows to Alured.

Alured says, "Greetings."

Alured asks, "You found this animal you say?" Rawalf says, "It was under most mysterious circumstances." Rawalf says, "Especially for so valuable a steed." > Alured says, "Hmm." Rawalf says, "I came upon what appeared the aftermath of a caravan robbery."

Alured paces around the horse running a hand over it's coat.

Rawalf says, "There was a caravan, and many dead." Rawalf says, "And this horse." awalf says, "A trader was dead yes." > Rawalf says, "And others." Alured asks, "And you brought it all the way here?" Rawalf says, "I returned the papers and coin coffer to the next guild outpost I saw." Rawalf says, "But this horse, I was told, belonged to a fellow in Therengia."

Rawalf says, "I spoke to the last survivor."

Rawalf says, "He told me it was a stolen horse."

Rawalf says, "That had never been delivered to its buyer in Therengia."

Rawalf says, "I vowed to return it."

Rawalf says, "A horse like this, must have been missed dearly." Alured asks, "And how will you find this buyer?" Rawalf says, "Well I assume he will step forward." Rawalf says, "A valuable horse like this does not go unclaimed."

Alured asks, "And what if someone lies?" Rawalf says, "Yes, he only bears my brand to make it legal for me to bring him here." Alured says, "I suggest we take charge of it for safe keeping."

Rawalf says, "I did not think getting arrested with him would be wise."

Alured says, "I suggest we take charge of it for safe keeping."

Alured says, "I am the Lord Alured of the Morzindean and the barons Master of Horse."

Rawalf says, "I thought that perhaps if there are multiple claims." Alured says, "If there are multiple claims then it will be left to his Grace to judge." Alured says, "Then we will reward you for it."

You nod.

Alured says, "And his Grace will have use for it."

Jerde grins at Rawalf.

Powerhaus asks, "Perhaps Rawalf could keep it?"

Rawalf says, "Knowing I have served the unfortunate is reward for me."

Powerhaus says, "He's cared for it so far."

Rawalf says, "And no, the horse scares me silly."

Valkri praises Rawalf.

Alured asks, "Does he have need of a war horse?"

Rawalf says, "I do not want him."

Rawalf says, "Thank you again sir, and I shall be available as needed for as long as you need." Alured says, "I will go make sure the Chamberlain hears of this."

[Theren Keep, Basement] This end of the basement remains bare of supplies, excluding a dusty barrel tethered against the wall. A trail of footprints marches back and forth between a storeroom door and a sturdy ladder, but seems loath to proceed north any further than necessary. You also see a stone arch, a small stone altar and a plain wooden door. Also here: Desperado Powerhaus, Blessed Rawalf and Holy Woman Valkri. Obvious exits: north.

Valkri gestures at a small stone altar. Valkri says, "The altar of Rutilor." Rawalf reaches out and touches a small stone altar. Rawalf shivers slightly.

Rawalf smiles.

Rawalf says, "A fitting altar for the champion of underdogs." awalf turns to face a small stone altar.

Rawalf kneels down.

Valkri begins to wash a small stone altar with some holy water.

Powerhaus nods to a small stone altar.

Rawalf clasps his amulet between both hands and begins to pray.

Valkri looks up and sighs, smiling.

Rawalf looks up and sighs, smiling. Valkri says, "I will take you to the town chapel."

Rawalf stands up.

Rawalf beams at Valkri!

Rawalf exclaims, "Thank you!"

Valkri says, "There is a room for clerics, you can bed there."

Rawalf bows to Valkri.

Rawalf says, "Most kind, thank you."

Rawalf says, "Thank you once again."

Rawalf says, "To all of you." Rawalf says, "Thank you."

- Terra

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