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Status Retired
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Trader
Instance Prime


Possessing a friendly disposition, Komeri is a oft fairly serious and quiet Prydaen. She is often seen in clothing in need of repair and enjoy discussing hunting and combat techniques.



You see Barefoot Pilgrim Komeri, Warrior of the Forest, a Prydaen.
She has a round face, tufted pointed ears, cat-slitted hazel eyes and a narrow nose. Her ochre-streaked umber brown mane is long and thickly interwoven with strings of bone beads, and is worn pulled back in a multitude of braids. She has ochre fur with sepia-colored stripes on the limbs and pale white chin and neck, a slender tail and a lean figure.
She is a bit over average height for a Prydaen.
She is young for a Prydaen.
Her left palm has a tattoo of a stylized sunburst in simple strokes of stark black.

She is wearing a thick canvas longcoat with a deep hood, a deerskin predator's hunting bag, a faded brocade bodice over a grey linen shirt with torn sleeves, a small knife, a dented metal band with a ruined crest and a worn multi-layered linen skirt with a tattered hem.


Name: Komeri
Spouse: No Info
Preferred Location: Ilithi
Roleplay Stance: Heavy
PvP Stance: Guarded


Komeri was born and raised in Silverclaw Hub and has lived in Crossing and Ilithi. She claims to be a distant cousin to Liavir and is quick to add that this same claim could likely be made by many Prydaen.