Join us for a History of Hollow Eve Wednesday, October 19th, 2016, at 9:30 PM Eastern - 10/20/2016 - 01:54

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Re: Join us for a History of Hollow Eve Wednesday, October 19th, 2016, at 9:30 PM Eastern · on 10/20/2016 01:54 AM CDT 4775
Date: 1 Arhat 421 (10/19/2016)

[Temple Grounds, Cobblestone Path]
A small wooden shrine lies to the north of the cobblestone road, the southern side of the path cradled by the protective walls surrounding the grounds area. A stubby stool stands before the shrine, allowing one to sit and seek audience with their deity.
You also see a simple box of gifts and an ornate bloodwood cart with several things on it.
Obvious paths: northeast, west.

LECTURERS (9): Zamara (introduction and Hollow Eve 392), Marssi (Hollow Eve 396), Mistanna (Hollow Eve 399), Karmac (Hollow Eve 403), Arandrowse (Hollow Eve 406), Sarkranis (Hollow Eve 410), Whiteburn (Hollow Eve 414), Rileos (Hollow Eve 417), and Liurilias (honoring the Dark Aspects)

GUESTS (55): Altru, Arinze, Badarin, Belhem, Camalita, Chelinde, Derenth, Eridu, Etherian, Fidgets, Gremtrak, Hssanh, Ianhanse, Igaro, Imar, Isharon, Kaelie, Kaikea, Kajali, Kariavau, Kehlbins, Kelneth, Kerenelle, Kythera, Larienna, Leustyin, Lighter, Linnu, Linue, Maiyenne, Moniaker, Munchausen, Nadler, Nebby, Nideaya, Ryar, Samsaren, Sendithu, Smavandree, Sneak, Sophrona, Suruli, Susurrous, Tallen, Tathalus, Tikko, Tristym, Vaerek, visage, Vorcry, Voyle, Zagarusso, Zaose, Zezen, and Zharx

Gift: a brass pilgrim's badge shaped like a clockwork spider

[21:32] Zamara says, "Welcome everyone to the Lorethew Mentor Society's discussion on the history of Hollow Evethe dark aspects of the Immortals."

[21:32] Fidgets says, "Oops."

[21:32] Fidgets says to Badarin, "Sorry."

[21:32] Mistanna says, "Yes, please. If you can tuck away floaters, spiders, rats, anything else that might cause distraction for those trying to listen."

[21:32] Zamara says, "For those just coming in, we do have refreshmentsa gift available nearby. As a courtesy to your fellow attendees, please try to limit your compulsive zill, magical,other distracting habits."

[21:32] Voyle says, "Nice tarts, too."

[21:33] Voyle says, "You clerical types are alright by me."

[21:33] Larienna says to Badarin, "I bet ya getting a few badge related hugspoles."

[21:33] Zamara says, "We will begin the discussion on Hollow Eve shortly, starting with the history of the festivals. We are fortunate to have several speakers today."

[21:33] Nadler says, "Oooooooooooh."

[21:33] Zamara says, "The history of Hollow Eve seems particularly relevant this season, for many creaturesproblems of the past have seemingly returned this year."

[21:34] Zamara says, "Fortunately most of these invasionshappenings seem to be echoes of the past rather than the full wrath of all the dark Immortals in force at once."

[21:34] Zamara asks, "But who can say what lies in the near future?"

[21:34] Zamara says, "We will begin by talking about the history of the first Hollow Eve. This will be the eighth festival held since the practice began, twenty nine years ago this year."

[21:35] Zamara asks, "Perhaps a few here among us are young enough to have been born after the start of the Hollow Eve tradition?"

[21:35] Zamara says, "Not all of the festivals have involved the direct wrath of one of the dark aspects of the Thirteen, but the festival was created to honor all of the Gods. Far too often mortals make light of their blessings, taking magic, favors, resurrectioneven the very miracle of their births for granted."

[21:36] Zamara says, "We will now start with the history of the very first Hollow Eve."

[21:36] Zamara says, "In 392 there were a series of unusual,unprecedented events. The stars began to fade from the sky, growing dimhard to seeopinions differed on the cause."

[21:36] Zamara asks, "So what was going on?"

[21:37] Zamara says, "The Moon Mages believed this to be a change in the web of fate, a phenomenon to be studied. The Cleric's Guild believed the Gods were angryneeded to be appeased."

[21:37] Zamara says, "Both guilds went backforth on the issue,public opinion varied. It was a troubling time, as many citizens of the providences from farmers to seafaring captains began to have problems without the the stars to guide them at night."

[21:37] Zamara says, "It is a strange thing to walk on a clear, moonless night without the stars. The sensation is a bit like walking into your house, only to find all the furniture has been slightly moved in your absence."

[21:38] Zamara says, "ClericsMoon Mages had troubling visions, as did many of those not members of those guilds."

[21:38] Zamara says, "Around the same time the Bloodworm comet, an ill omenknown herald of large scale disasters including the Lyras War, appeared in the sky. It appeared much like red star, out of place amidst the constellation of the Mongoose."

[21:38] Zamara says, "Adding to the list of alarming events, meteorsglowing iron fragments began to rain from the heavens, colliding with the groundcausing damage."

[21:38] Zamara says, "Perhaps some of you have seen one? They can still be found today."

[21:39] Larienna says, "Ducck."

[21:39] Zamara says, "They rained down colliding with the ground everywhere from farm fields to crowded city streets. Towns peopleadventurers alike were injuredkilled by these fragments."

[21:39] Zamara says, "Exactly like that one."

[21:39] Zamara says, "The meteors continued to fall. Moon Mages continued to research. Clerics continued to pray. But it was the Clerics who made had made progress first, it seemed."

[21:40] Zamara says, "The clerics devised a totem which would allow the devout to return these fallen meteor fragments to the sky. After returning one or more of these fragments, a person would receive a boon. These fragments can still be foundreturned by those with a "God totem" today, though the totems themselves can no longer be obtained."

[21:41] Zamara says to Mistanna, "They do need to be cleaned first, the ritual varies by Immortal."

[21:41] Mistanna says, "Ahh interesting."

[21:41] Zamara says to Mistanna, "Perhaps afterwards."

[21:42] Zamara says, "A word of caution: these glowing iron fragments are dangerous to handle. Though they glow like fire, they are colder than any icewill give you frostbite instantly upon skin contact. Wear gloves if you find onewish to collect it."

[21:42] Tikko says, "And don't lick."

[21:42] Zamara says, "And thus with the use of the totems did the light of the stars return to the sky, once we began to again show reverence for the Godsreturned the fragments to the sky. Some Moon Mages still maintain that this is some form of astrological phenomenanothing to do with the Gods."

[21:42] Arandrowse says, "Armored gloves, I believe regular gloves don't offer enough protection."

[21:43] Zamara says, "Thick gloves, not your fancy dancing party gloves."

[21:43] Nadler says, "But those are my favourite ones..."

[21:43] Zamara says, "These so called "God totems" also started a rather popular Hollow Eve tradition, in that each year there is typically a unique item or gift at the festival for those who attend."

[21:43] Zamara says, "In the end, the impromptu rejoicing at the return of the stars became a celebrationfestival that the people decided to make a routine. The people decided to hold a festival for the Gods every few years to give thankshonor them."

[21:43] Zamara says, "This festival is now called Hollow Eve after those months when the sky was Hollow, or empty of stars."

[21:44] Zamara says, "Yes, that is HOLLOW EVE. Not Hollow's or Hallow. Hollow Eve."

[21:44] Zamara says, "There is a traveling mechanical spider which is operated predominantly by gnomesCaptained by one such gnome named Kurmin. It serves as the festival groundsoffers games, shops, merchants. For many this is the social event of the season."

[21:44] Voyle exclaims, "Kurmin is a ninnie!"

[21:44] Voyle says, "Sorry. Go on."

[21:45] Zamara says, "In recent years, the spider has had a 'child' as well. So, there are technically two spiders now. Also a moth is involved somehow."

[21:45] Larienna says, "Ooh spreading out."

[21:45] Zamara says, "It gets larger every time it visits, it seems."

[21:45] Zamara says, "The festival is now held about every threea half years, give or take. When it is held is often adjusted to the needs of recent events."

[21:46] Zamara says, "Such as if a dark aspect is upset, it might be held earlier to try to quell that aspect's wrath. Or one year the mechanical spider was damaged,it was a bit late arrivingneeded help with repairs."

[21:46] Zamara says, "Captain Kurminhis gnome teams do their best to arrive when needed, it seems."

[21:47] Zamara says, "They will likely arrive soon considering the strange happenings of late."

[21:47] Smavandree asks, "You mean all the reguritating of molesbirds?"

[21:48] Fidgets excitedly asks Zamara, "Tonight?"

[21:48] Zamara says, "Yes, one normally expects to keep those down after eating them. Even odder when you do not recall ingesting such animals."

[21:48] Sarkranis wryly says to Smavandree, "That's not just the aftermath of a Prydaen dinner party."

[21:48] Zamara says to Fidgets, "No, it is likely still some time yet. They usually send a messenger or the like before hand."

[21:48] Maiyenne says, "Awful lotta people..."

[21:48] Zamara says, "Marssi will now begin to cover the spider's arrival in 296."

[21:48] Zamara says, "396, that is."

[21:48] Marssi says, "Close enough."

[21:48] Rileos says, "Was about to say, that's a few extra years you're slippin by on us."

[21:48] Marssi exclaims, "In the year 396, rumors started swirling around about the possibility of another fest. Everyone was really excited about this possibility,trying to figure out what kind of stuff would be going on! Fests are exciting stuff!"

[21:49] Zamara says, "We are old, but perhaps not that old."

[21:49] Marssi says, "Then there came this guy with a wagon. He said he was a toymaker named Hobglup. He planned on showing off his toys as a pre-festival treat. He was Dwarven,got around in a special wheeled chair, because his legs were malformed."

[21:49] Marssi says, "He allowed everyone into his wagon,we saw he had all sorts of neat things for sale. He had little carved ivory figurines, such as ducks, or people."

[21:50] Fidgets mutters something into the air about people figurines.

[21:50] Marssi says, "He also made these little cups with an attached ball on a string. You had to try to catch the ball in the cup. Everyone was a little bit caught up with trying to have the highest number of catches in a row, for a bit."

[21:50] Marssi says, "He made little figures that you put on your shoulder. You could poke at themget them to move around. This is of them."

[21:50] Fidgets says, "Ooh."

[21:51] Larienna exclaims, "Nice!"

[21:51] Marssi exclaims, "Always handy to have a mage!"

[21:51] Marssi excitedly exclaims, "Easily the favorite toys, though, were these beautiful dolls. There were a wide variety of lifelike dolls for sale,for such crazy low prices. People were grabbing as many as they could cram into a backpack. Hobglup was so pleased that people were loving his dolls! He encouraged folks to buy them,promised that they were very special,we would find out why soon!"

[21:52] Marssi says, "People quickly noticed that the dolls truly were special. While going about their business, folks might notice a doll head quickly popping out of the bag for a moment. Before they were able to really register this, the head would pop back inside."

[21:52] Marssi says, "It was weird."

[21:52] Marssi wistfully says, "Looking back, it seems like it should have been a little bit more obvious that the guy was making some ominous promises, but neat new toys,greed do tend to blind folks."

[21:52] Marssi exclaims, "Word quickly spread,it turned out that many people were experiencing this. The dolls got more active,finally, they started to actually climb out of the bags in which they were stored! They would climb out of the bag,attack people! They would attempt to chop off all of your limbs! People were being murdered everywhere by these dolls!"

[21:53] Larienna says, "Ooh."

[21:53] Tallen says, "Oh my."

[21:53] Marssi says, "Hobglup reappeared as a madman! Instead of his wheeled chair, he now was held up by a platform, that had 6 legs made of bone. His deformed legs just dangled there. He was like some sort of weird spider."

[21:53] Fidgets mutters something into the air about how this mage is gonna kill everyone.

[21:53] Marssi exclaims, "He wanted his dolls to take revenge, so would order them to kill. When we realized that he had to be stopped, groups would form to try to take this maniac out. He would give this crazy giggle,make a gesture,hammers, forks, or files would march out of his bagmount attacks on fighters!"

[21:53] Maiyenne quietly says, "Revenge for what."

[21:53] Marssi says, "Around this time, bone amalgams began to invade towns. They were these crazy formations of random bones joined together,animated by magical means. When perceived by empaths, it was discovered that they were not actual living things,empaths were able to attack these monstrosities, to help get rid of them. It is believed that Hobglup was responsible for these, as well."

[21:54] Marssi says, "People were cruel to him,he didn't like it."

[21:54] Marssi says, "When a bone amalgam was killed, parts of it would be left behind. People started to collect these partscreate new skeletons from them. People would trade parts with each other, to make the perfect skeleton."

[21:54] Marssi says, "Others started putting together different parts just to make weird skeletons. A lion s head, with dove wingscow legs? Yup, that could be a thing. It seemed weird to some, to be collecting body parts, but many people wound up giving indoing it. Myself included."

[21:55] Marssi says, "Hobglup was finally killed while attempting to claim the Greater Fist. The weird bone contraption he built fell apart in a heap. His body fell,shriveled up. He turned into dust,just blew away by the wind."

[21:56] Marssi exclaims, "I d like to say that this taught us all to be a little more cautious,less greedy, but alas. We don t learn such lessons that easily!"

[21:56] Marssi exclaims, "Now, even though it was kind of weird to go around collecting animal partsmaking skeletons, it turned out to be a good thing! You see, during the fest, attendees were given a special gem that were to be fed to the skeletons. This gem would allow the skeleton to be magically animated! Once this happened, you could feed different assortments of items to the skeleton,get different benefits depending on the items!"

[21:57] Larienna says, "Ooh."

[21:57] Marssi exclaims, "A lot of experimentingsharing led to the discovery of a wide sort of benefits that could be gained - anything from being better with a crossbow, to being more stealthy, to physical items such as food, or drink! There are so many recipes that have been discovered,to this day, there are probably more that are unknown!"

[21:57] Marssi exclaims, "I'm not sure how good a pie barfed out by a skeleton would be, but there you are!"

[21:58] Marssi says, "We do weird things,will continue to do weird things."

[21:58] Zamara says, "Yes, the weird collections also seem to have become a tradition in one form or another."

[21:59] Zamara says to Marssi, "Thank you."

[21:59] Leustyin says, "The thought of carrying a reanimated skeleton seems too close to the necromatic arts for me."

[21:59] Marssi says, "It did to a bunch of us. But we did anyhow."

[21:59] Zamara says, "Say As a reminder we do have a cart with refreshments,a gift available in the box for those of you joining us late. Please try to limit your noisy behaviors so as not to distract others,remove those shiny attention grabbing items on your persons."

[22:00] Sarkranis says, "Well, you're talking about people who stick their heads in barrels of serpents for crossbow ammo."

[22:00] Smavandree says, "They were more toy like,less brought back from the dead."

[22:00] Mistanna says, "Yes, please put away your ratsfloatie things."

[22:00] Zamara says, "The lecture is for the Immortals, not your sparkling trinkets, if you would."

[22:00] Munchausen says, "I do it for plushy bolts."

[22:00] Sarkranis says, "And your zill performances."

[22:00] Zamara says, "Mistanna will now cover the events of the year 399."

[22:01] Tathalus says, "I know peoples here."

[22:01] Mistanna says, "The tales of deceit seem to continue, but this year it was another, unexpected source."

[22:01] Mistanna says, "In 399 a lady claiming to be a priestess of Eylhaar by the name of Morlaena, came to the people of the provinces asking to bestow a blessing upon them. Morlaena was beautifulyoung, the kind of priestess who easily gains admirersdonations for her order,people flocked to her in droves."

[22:01] Mistanna says, "She claimed to have had a vision of a coming evil that would ransack the provinces, bringing diseasedestruction. This 'blessing of Eylhaar' would give some protection against coming horrors. She was eloquent,her descriptions were detailed,so, the people listened to her."

[22:02] Mistanna says, "Over the next several weeks, many accepted her offertook the blessing. They felt the loss of a small amount of their spirit, temporarily, but gained Eylhaar's protection. Those who had the blessing were even able to bless others with it, which greatly assisted in being able to spread the blessing to even more people."

[22:02] Mistanna says, "The priestess continued to preach about the need for her 'blessing of protection'ask that moremore people receive it, yet not all were believers."

[22:03] Mistanna says, "Some folks, including her fellow Clerics, became skepticalbegan having strange visions or sensations around her or while receiving the blessings. Some who had been blessed even began to doubt, as they felt illoccasionally weak since receiving the blessing."

[22:03] Mistanna says, "After awhile, strange shadow creatures began to appearattack unsuspecting towns. There were a large variety of these creatures, most appearing similar to familiar creaturescommon races. However, they were utterly dark, blackinky, hard to pin down with the eye as if they were made out of shifting shadows."

[22:04] Fidgets mutters something into the air about moon magers.

[22:04] Mistanna says, "These creatures were highly resilient against magic, much like undead. They were also capable of using attacks which harmed spirit. Morlaena's blessing did appear to help against this in most cases. Some claimed that this only proved that the Morlaena's story was true, causing more to seek the blessing."

[22:04] Mistanna says, "Along with the creatures, strange 'diseases' were emerging which challengedperplexed even those skilled amongst the Empaths. The afflicted seemed to show periodic loss of their spirit, but no physical illness. Sometimes this spirit loss was so severe, the afflicted died."

[22:05] Mistanna says, "In time, it became apparent that the lovely priestess was no worshiper of Eylhaar but was in fact sworn to Huldah, the Weasel. The blessing was in reality a curse. She was siphoning spirit from people to feed these shadow creatures, using them to attack townscontrol the spirits of the weak willed in the name of her dark God."

[22:05] Mistanna says, "During the weeks of these invasions, a portal could open to a world of shadows similar in appearance to our own. You could wander the streets inside that resembled Crossingother areas, yet it was very clearly a strangeforeign place from which these shadow creatures came."

[22:06] Mistanna says, "Abiding there was dangerous, as those who dared explore it slowly found their vitalityspirits bled dry. Why or how is hard to say for sure, as after a short while the shadowy arch which allowed entrance into it collapsed preventing further exploration."

[22:06] Mistanna says, "But... Morlaenaher creatures were eventually defeated. A cautionary tale that even those backed with the power of the Gods may not be acting in your best interest. Unless perhaps you are their worshipers of the same dark Gods, that is."

[22:07] Mistanna says, "The gift given at the Spider Festival that year was a custom bit of jewelry, tailored quite however the purchaser wanted it. It has the magical effect of stopping the bleeding from woundshealing blood loss over a period of time. Nice thing to have, if you happen to not be an Empath."

[22:07] Mistanna says, "A great year for fans of shadowsHuldah, in all."

[22:07] Katamba rises.

[22:08] Fidgets quietly asks, "Spider festival being same as Hallows Eve Festival?"

[22:08] Zamara says to Mistanna, "Thank you, that was quite the year."

[22:08] Zamara says to Fidgets, "Yes, there is a large mechanical spider at the Hollow Eve festival. So it is often called by one or the other."

[22:09] Fidgets says, "Hollow, so sorry."

[22:09] Isharon says, "And also many spider-related items."

[22:09] Zamara says, "The spider is rather hard to missforget after ariving."

[22:09] Zamara says, "Karmac will now cover the events of the year 403."

[22:09] Karmac loudly says, "Hollow Eve four-oh-three is one of the festivals without any particularly wrathful Gods that year. The year was still eventful, however, as the mechanical spider broke down while en-route to the festival."

[22:09] Karmac sternly says, "Now, I say "without wrathful Gods" half-heartedly because for all we know Lord Zachriedek could have very been responsible for everything which befell the construct that year."

[22:10] Karmac venomously says, "His wrath knows no bounds, his gremlins ever eager to placate their master by visiting we mortalsserving his favored brand of misfortune or mishap."

[22:10] Karmac says, "However, those of you familiar with mechanizations know that after enough weartear, things break. We Gnomes may be the perfect inventors, but rarely are our inventions perfect in of themselves."

[22:10] Karmac matter-of-factly says, "There are conflicting stories as to how exactly that happened amongst the workmen who operate the mechanical spider."

[22:10] Smavandree says, "Mine are all perfect..ish."

[22:10] Karmac says, "Some blamed the Navigator at the time for not following the Captain's orders. Some blamed faulty parts that could not withstand the repeated abuse. Some blamed the guests for being a bit too wild during their stay in prior years."

[22:11] Karmac says, "I'm sure none of you got our of control while there..."

[22:11] Zamara says, "Captain Kurmin is very secretive about the workings of his spider."

[22:11] Karmac says, "Even still, some speak of a yellow pool that has been credited to trolls..."

[22:11] Karmac firmly says, "Regardless of who or what is to blame, it brokerequired some new partshelp to fix it. This work was outsourced to the masses in order to have it running in time for the festival."

[22:11] Karmac says, "Ya know what they say, "Many hands make for light work." Or something like that."

[22:11] Tikko says, "The spider was built before we had to have millions of coins weighing us down."

[22:12] Linue says, "Or too many cooks spoil the stew..."

[22:12] Karmac says to Tikko, "The spider solved most people's coin problems."

[22:12] Karmac matter-of-factly says, "There were lots of pieces that were needed to fix the spider. As with many inventions, a single faulty piece could cause a catastrophic failure which echoes throughout other sections."

[22:12] Karmac says, "Anyone who has ridden the dragon knows this already."

[22:12] Karmac says, "Even if those sections were in otherwise perfect working order."

[22:13] Karmac says, "The various parts could be made by many skilled in metalworking, also gathered from creatures or places where they had been scattered all about from the flailing of the spider before it crashed entirely."

[22:13] Karmac says, "Forgers were clogging up all the society anvils around that time."

[22:13] Karmac confidently says, "Many of the pieces are standard to most large-scale machinations. Things such as glarmencouplers, flarmencranks, rackensprockets,spangleflanges."

[22:13] Fidgets mutters something into the air about how big this spider must really be.

[22:13] Karmac laughingly says, "Yes, those are real words. Trust me, I'm a GnomeI know this sort of stuff."

[22:14] Karmac says, "In addition to those, there were various smaller parts lost. Things like nuts, bolts,gears were also being collected to help with the work."

[22:14] Smavandree says, "I've used many a rackensprocket in my day."

[22:14] Karmac says, "In exchange for help finding these parts, people were given little tickets which can be spent at the festival in some of the shopseven occasionally at the auctions. A practice which has become commonplace for festival visits."

[22:14] Karmac says, "Youll hear more about that in following years, probably this time around as well."

[22:15] Karmac says, "Also, folks whom hold Estate Holder papers would get extra tickets from doing this. Ya know, because there are better things you could have been spending your time on. Like furniture."

[22:15] Karmac says, "The gift for attendees that year was a mechanical spider, which does a few things in exchange for being fed coins."

[22:15] Karmac says, "See, told you the coin problem wasn't a problem anymore."

[22:15] Karmac knowingly says, "Because, we all know, there are scant few things in this world that do not come with some form of price to be paid."

[22:16] Karmac says, "It can repair some items, as well as provide various small boons such as helping with many aspects of your mortal healthspiritual wellbeing. There are lots of varieties of these spiders out there, appearance wise."

[22:16] Karmac says, "So very many different ones."

[22:16] Karmac says, "With different gemsmetalsall sorts of stuff."

[22:16] Karmac says, "Oh! Before I finish..."

[22:16] Karmac says, "Of important note to some folks, this was the year in which the Captain raffled off a ship known as "The Clockwork Shade" which is a neat little cutter-type vessel."

[22:17] Karmac distractedly says, "I think that ship is still around somewhere."

[22:17] Karmac says, "Anyways, that was four-oh-three for you folks."

[22:17] Karmac says, "Really just a big kerfuffle over some parts, nothing special about it really."

[22:17] Fidgets says, "Neato."

[22:17] Zamara says to Karmac, "Thank you. Always a treat to hear someone pronounce those gnome-ish words correctly."

[22:17] Karmac says, "My pleasure."

[22:18] Zamara says, "Arandrowse will now cover the events of the year 406."

[22:19] Arandrowse says, "Some of you may know what Asketi's ride is, some of you may have even experienced one or more."

[22:19] Arandrowse says, "There was a time, when Asketi's Ride didn't happen as the year turned,it didn't just strike out against a town, no it plunged into the Five Provinces of Kermoria."

[22:20] Arandrowse says, "This time was known as."

[22:20] Arandrowse exclaims, "Asketi's Path of Blood!"

[22:20] Arandrowse says, "Asketi's minions surged through the countryside,into many towns, including Crossing."

[22:21] Arandrowse asks, "What were these minions?"

[22:21] Fidgets asks, "Spiders?"

[22:21] Arandrowse says, "Such things as Slender ribbon adders. vicious ribbon adders, giant adders, baleful ice adders, Asketian Heralds, Asketian harbingers, deep blue ghosts, misty black zephyrs, hideous horned black steeds,ragged wind hags."

[22:21] Zamara says to Fidgets, "Wrong dark Immortal for spiders."

[22:21] Arandrowse says, "Just to name a few."

[22:22] Arandrowse says, "Of course because I have a thing for archers, I personally liked the Asketian Haringers, oh they were nasty things, with great aim, bone-tipped arrows, black leather gloves with the finger holes cut out, an ebony longbow carved with a multitude of dark grey adders, just gave them a certain nasty flair that I appreciated."

[22:22] Arandrowse says, "Of course because I have a thing for archers, I personally liked the Asketian Haringers, oh they were nasty things, with great aim, bone-tipped arrows, black leather gloves with the finger holes cut out, an ebony longbow carved with a multitude of dark grey adders, just gave them a certain nasty flair that I appreciated."

[22:22] Arandrowse says, "Of course because I have a thing for archers, I personally liked the Asketian Haringers, oh they were nasty things, with great aim, bone-tipped arrows, black leather gloves with the finger holes cut out, an ebony longbow carved with a multitude of dark grey adders, just gave them a certain nasty flair that I appreciated."

[22:22] Arandrowse says, "As I suggested earlier they invaded frequently throughout our five provinces."

[22:23] Arandrowse says, "But there was something different about this Hollow Eve, because there was two gifts one could get one was an item with a SpiritGem Enchantment another was an item with a SpiritGem Enchantment."

[22:23] Arandrowse says, "These were empowered by the death of Asketi's Minions, as the festival startedit continued the invasions grew less frequent,people who wanted to empower their strange enchantments up needed to find other means to do just that."

[22:24] Arandrowse says, "Some people journeyed to the far away Asketi's Mount, which some of the snakes with in were counted as minions of Asketi s."

[22:24] Arandrowse says, "Personally this is the path I used to empower them."

[22:24] Arandrowse says, "As the threat faded we discovered what the Reaver Enchantment could do."

[22:25] Arandrowse exclaims, "That is this!"

[22:25] Arandrowse exclaims, "My wonderful soft orange spectral REAPER!"

[22:26] Arandrowse exclaims, "Ever helpful in a fight,that was it for that cycle!"

[22:26] Arandrowse asks, "Unless there were questions?"

[22:26] Fidgets says, "Yea..."

[22:27] Fidgets asks, "That thing isn't real, right?"

[22:27] Zamara says, "Quite real."

[22:27] Smavandree says, "It's on our side."

[22:27] Arandrowse says, "Real, somewhat like an empath's guardian spirit."

[22:27] Fidgets exclaims, "Ok!"

[22:27] Arandrowse says, "Only it looks like that for me."

[22:27] Gremtrak exclaims, "I heart reapers!"

[22:27] Zamara says, "They serve Asketi above all else - but they do take on the aura of the one who summons them."

[22:28] Maiyenne quietly says, "Ain't natural."

[22:28] Arandrowse says, "Very spiritualmagical really."

[22:28] Mistanna says, "It's not really on a side, whoever attacks it or Arandrowse it will attack. If Arandrowse attacks it, it will attack him back. they keep grudges, you can't run awaycome back."

[22:28] Fidgets exclaims, "Okay, so lets all give Arandrowse like a big round of applause to appease it right!"

[22:28] Zamara says, "Attacking the minion of an Immortal sent to aid you is unwise. You reap - quite litterally - what you sow there."

[22:28] Gremtrak says, "Not really any more different in a vague sense than a warrior mages familiar."

[22:29] Zamara says, "Sarkranis will now cover the events of the year 410."

[22:29] Sarkranis says, "In the year 399, the Dane family led a prayer vigil for Dergati, the all-seeing goddess of nightmares, at her altar in the forest of Ker'Leor. At the height of the ceremony, black, mole-like animals begin to crawl, roll,hop blindly out of the shadows, attacking the attendees. Several worshippers succumbed to spirit death at the altar."

[22:30] Sarkranis says, "The spirits of the worshippers were drawn into a screaming vortexcondensed into a mysterious humanoid-sized chrysalis. Those who touched the chrysalis fed it with their own spirits. They became known as Spirit Parents, for they had a psychic connection to the beings growing within the chrysalis, periodically seeing visions or hearing messages."

[22:30] Liurilias mutters something into the air about they were warned.

[22:30] Sarkranis says, "Naturally, the Therengian military did not trust the intentions of this spirit-parasite, so it sealed off access to the area. Eleven years later, in the year 410, the chrysalis disappeared, its guards found dead. Those sent to investigate returned without their eyes or their sanity."

[22:31] Derenth says, "Lovely."

[22:31] Sarkranis says, "A being named Xitoccanemun hatched from within the chrysalis. Leader of the mole-like Akul'tiz, he seemed to be the only one of his kind to have a distinct personality of his own."

[22:31] Sarkranis says, "Moon Mages began seeing visions of the destruction of their own guildof Peri'elthe World Dragon, foreshadowing Dergati's apocalyptic plan to silence Peri'elwake the World Dragon."

[22:32] Sarkranis says, "It was then that the GreaterLesser Fists erupted, destroying the local Moon Mage guildplunging Kermoria into darkness. A perpetual night fell across the land,the people were trapped in a plague of nightmares, both dreamingwaking. The Akul'tizother minions of Dergati attacked without mercy, poisoning their victimssiphoning their spirits. Those who fell to the mole-people could not be resurrected by any meansfelt the full bitterness of death's sting."

[22:33] Sarkranis says, "Worst of all, the Ru'atin Peri'el, the sisterhood of S'Kra Mur singers devoted to Peri'el, reported that her song had fallen silent. Clerics who prayed to her found their tongues cut from their mouths,her altar no longer accepted sacrificial offerings. The World Dragon had begun to stir."

[22:33] Sarkranis says, "Xitoccanemun the First, mole-child of all-seeing Dergati, had claimed that Peri'el was dead. However, it eventually became clear that she was alive but in urgent need of help. In the final hour, when doom seemed all but certain, adventurers learned how to perform a ritual, infusing glass shards with magical sunlight to restore Peri'el to full strength."

[22:34] Sarkranis says, "The people worked together,crisis was averted. Peri'el resumed her song,the World Dragon was stilled. Sunlight returned to Kermoria. The Akul'tiz were defeated,their leader, Xitoccanemun, was drawn into the earth itself. Some say that he is not dead but merely weakened, as the Spirit Parents still feel him probing their minds. Let us pray that they are wrong."

[22:35] Sarkranis says, "To commemorate the unbinding of Peri'el, those who attended the Hollow Eve Festival of 410 received a glass shard hanging from a silken cord. It serves as a light source, improves spirit regeneration, removes death's sting,frees the user of engagements with hostile creatures -- all of which are tied to the horrors of the summer of night. For a fee, the appearance of this item could be customized."

[22:36] Zamara says to Sarkranis, "Thank you. Those were quite the years - perhaps the time we came closest to the world ending in modern days."

[22:36] Fidgets exclaims, "No wonder these festivals are so popular after such dire happenings!"

[22:36] Zamara says, "Whiteburn will now cover the events of the year 414."

[22:37] Whiteburn solemnly says, "In all aspects of our lives, in all the great miracles of nature, the Gods hold sway. Though They do not always speak to us in words, Their influence is undeniable. Nothing escapes Their noticeno individual is beyond Their reach. The Gods bestow upon all of Their creations innumerable giftsblessings. They shelter us, succor us, guideteach us. In times of peril, we reach out to Them as a child to its parent,They answer.we are thankful."

[22:37] Whiteburn says, "And yet, as surely as the tide creeps from the shore, mortals draw themselves furtherfurther from their spiritual obligations as peaceprosperity settle within them a false sense of complacency. As we reach higher levels of martial power, magical prowess,academic learning, the people begin to turn away from prayerfocus inward on their own greed, ambition,lust for power. Many begin to feel that humilityveneration unto the Gods is no longer their concern."

[22:38] Whiteburn seriously says, "All, all of the Immortals are to be honoredrevered.yet the people, in their arrogance, decide they will only deign to bestow their scant praise upon the ones they admire. In many cases, these are the Gods of lightmortal life. The Dark Ones are, if not ignored, treated with contemptanger."

[22:38] Whiteburn says, "So it was with Drogor, who began to be ignoredeven condemned by fools swollen by arrogance. "What need have we to worship a God of the ocean when we live in landlocked cities?" "Why should we bow before a drowner of childrendestroyer of knowledge?" They refused to honor Him, traveling blithely tofro across His domain without paying tribute or giving thanks, as though they were exempt from His displeasure. Further, the prevalence of moongates lead many to feel as though they did not even need to acknowledge the ocean's presence."

[22:39] Whiteburn severely says, "In the four-hundredfourteenth year after the Victory, Drogor, GreatExalted King of the Storm, exacted His Divine Wrath upon the sinful children of Elanthia."

[22:40] Whiteburn animatedly says, "Drogor's vengeance was terrifyingabsolute. His judgment stretched across the sea to all the corners of Elanthia. With a mighty hand, He brought forth a torrential downpour to smite the earth with the fury of a thousand lashes. Upon the sea, fearful gales whipped up monstrous tidal waves that scoured great monumentsbuildings to obliteration. Mighty ships were seized upon the pitiless swellssmashed against one another. The people of the Velakathe Arid SteppeHibarnvhidar gazed upon a deluge they would never have imagined possible."

[22:40] Whiteburn worshipfully says, "It was as awe-inspiring as it was terrible to behold. The flooding was magnificent."

[22:41] Whiteburn says, "No one was exempt from Drogor's anger. The Mighty One's marine-hued lightning struck down blasphemers who thought themselves safe in the shelter of their homes. Sharks lunged from any bodies of water, no matter how small or previously devoid of life, to spill blood."

[22:41] Whiteburn viciously says, "The Children of Drogor descended from the heavens to bring righteous death to the infidelsslake their Master's thirst. Suw bizar swarmed the gates of ShardTherenborough. Brine sharks, from the blacktip to the dread great white, wended invisibly through the earth to burst forthattack in a frenzy. Cloud eelsDrogorian Stormriders, maddened at the scent of blood, screamed from the sky to unleash devestating assaults, breathing gouts of boiling steamusurping the spells of mortal magi."

[22:42] Whiteburn says, "Lemicus, ever protective of mortals, sent Her own children to fight the hunters of Drogor. However, such was the sheer force of Drogor's Wrath that even Her albatrosses could not prevail."

[22:42] Whiteburn says, "Though the carnage was intoxicating, those of us who heard the storm listened. We had to find a way to satiate Drogor's anger. Braving the tempest, pilgrims set out upon the roiling sea to the islands of Reshalia. It was our hope that, by bringing ourselves closer to Drogor, we might better understand the source of His furyright what was made wrong."

[22:43] Whiteburn wryly says, "Huddled on the decks of the ships, completely at the mercy of Drogor, I witnessed genuine prayer as I never had before. This was the start of the lesson."

[22:43] Whiteburn coldly says, "Though we tried to guide them to repentpray, the arrogant ones would not hear. Instead of reaching out to the Divine with their faith, they lashed out with their pride. They hurled blasphemies as though they were spears to pierce the heavenswere rewarded with sufferingdeath, as heretics often are. The rain slicked streets were awash in blood. Those who attempted to raise the dead were struck by lightningslain."

[22:44] Whiteburn asks, "Perhaps in a desperate attempt to herd the people toward obediance, dark-robed clerics of Drogor were dispatched across the provinces to guideto preach the word of the Lord of Storms. The ignorant ones returned to the temples to gain the Mighty Ocean-King's favor. But for what? For forgiveness? For reverence?"

[22:44] Whiteburn vehemently says, "No! For trinketscoin! Yae, the greed of mortals is staggering."

[22:45] Whiteburn says, "One night, as I knelt by His altar in the High Temple, my Lord spoke to me. However, His voice was joined by two others - ElunedLemicus. They spake thusly:."

[22:45] Whiteburn reverently says, "The path is bloody, the path is pain, the path is sacrifice, the path is love, the path is beauty, the path, above all, is knowing."

[22:46] Whiteburn says, "I am We, We are I. Mother, Son, Daughter. Knowledge, Learning, Ignorance. Nuturing, Birthing, Destroying. Locked in battle, locked in dance, forever all parts of One to bring all that must pass. My Wrath is the Wrath of all."

[22:46] Whiteburn says, "The signs were clear. ElunedLemicus shared in Drogor's fury against the unfaithful. I sacrificed myself to Drogorwas shown a vision of a great beast beneath the waves, just barely restrained. I understood then. The faithless, the arrogant,the ignorant would be given one more chance before their final judgment."

[22:47] Whiteburn says, "Other people were beginning to seeto hear - Their Gods were rising up in anger. What if They, too, were forgottenblasphemed? Yet even this outpouring of outrage from the Thirty-Nine was not enough."

[22:47] Whiteburn darkly says, "A priest of Drogor was callously slain in the streets of Crossing while urging the battlers to worship. As his death cry rang out, a monstrous shape rose from the sea. The kraken! The end was surely nigh."

[22:47] Whiteburn says, "The Priest of Drogor herded the commoners to the temple along with a faithful few. There, the people reached out to the Immortals once more. Their voices rang out in a great cry for mercy. They expressed their repentanceswore they would never turn away from any of the Gods again. However, it was only the sacrifice of two mortals that saved them from complete obliteration."

[22:48] Whiteburn wryly says, "Once more, the Gods answered our call.we were thankful."

[22:48] Whiteburn says, "As the kraken returned to whence it came, ElunedDrogor spoke: The people would be beholden to their promise... or the lesson would continue."

[22:49] Whiteburn urgently says, "And so it is now. As the Dark Ones stir in discontent once more, I urge all of you to remember your promise. Now, more than ever, reverence is the answer. Do not perpetuate a cycle of needless bloodsheddeath! Turn toward the Immortals that we may understand Them. Pray that we may ease Their anger,the night may yet fall gently upon us."

[22:50] Zamara says to Whiteburn, "Hearing you speak, none can ever doubt the depth of your devotion."

[22:50] Isharon says, "Sadly, people are only as reverent as immediate reality requires them to be."

[22:50] Zamara says to Whiteburn, "Thank you for that.."

[22:50] Zamara says, "Rileos will now cover the events of the year 417, our most recent festival."

[22:51] Rileos says to Whiteburn, "Ya know, if I'd known I was goin right after you, I'd have said no."

[22:51] Gremtrak says, "Use big words."

[22:51] Rileos says, "So, in 417, as ya mighta guessed, spider came back for another festival. Was a good time, got a fancy mask, some old lady had kittens she didn't want none, y'all missed itit was great. Still had some crazy, though, so lets dig into that."

[22:51] Gremtrak says, "And insert long pauses."

[22:51] Rileos says to Gremtrak, "Not a chance."

[22:52] Rileos says, "That year, they actually kicked off with a big circus. Had acrobatselephantspeanuts, the works. I didn't get to see much of it cause I was workin at the time, but heard tell it was a hell of a thing. They should do that again so we can all goy'all can buy me drinks."

[22:52] Rileos says, "So the spider rolls in,there's this fella on there, Rext. Was an Inspector, sorta like a guard,he tells us that there been bodies turnin up somethin awful. I mean that in both kindsa ways, a bunch of em,they was torn up fierce. Missin parts on all of em, grizzly stuff. Wants folks to keep an eye out for bad news cause I guess he was too lazy to do it all himself? Either way, don't matter."

[22:53] Rileos says, "Bottom of the spider flooded for a while, had to roll up your pants legs cause it was gettin about knee-high at the worst of it. Gnomes get this Drogorian priest Xaish to go take a look. Whiteburn went with him too, cause, ya know, Drogor. Probably crushin pretty hard even if he weren't a S'kra...was he? Can't remember. Anyway, they find this orb of water in a wall just dumpin everywhere. Guess Drogor was just feelin a mite lonely, cause they said some words, did a little dancin,it calmed right downthat solved that. Good thing too, cause he weren't too happy at the last onewe didn't need that all again."

[22:54] Rileos says, "So Rext wasn't jokin about them bodies, by the by. Folk started hearin whispers, askin em if they wanted to get harvested. Some idiots flat out agreed,they turned up just torsos stripped bare, to the muscle bare I'm talkin. Fella doin it was some Eloth named Beezell, fancied himself a doctor,was just carvin people up like chickens in some little hideout they kept movin around the spider. Bein handy with a knifethe puppet of a necromancer, more on that in a bit, he made trade with some sick morons thought it would be a good idea to give him parts of their bodies for prettier ones from some poor dead bastards, all perserved with profane magic."

[22:54] Rileos says, "It was pretty bad."

[22:54] Rileos says, "Plenty other folk were smart enough not to fall for that crap, though,made sure to let Rext know where all that nonsense was goin down. Course, some back alley necromantic surgery crap ain't gonna go down light,they had plenty of those smarter folk ambushedbrought back to get cut on themselves. It weren't pretty, lemme tell ya, but in all this, some folk started figurin Beez out. That brain blown Eloth weren't the smarts of the job, probably weren't even alive. Just another shamblin corpse for the real sicko behind him."

[22:55] Rileos says, "When they grabbed up Liuri, the Grand Inquisitor for the Temple in case ya didn't know, a buncha us under him got fiestyrolled into his little cuttin room ready for a tussle. Weren't mucha one, the man behind Beezell weren't lookin for a fight,he brought the place down on us with some crazy reality breakin nonsense I still can't quite figure out. Was like you was hallucinatin, but it was for real,it kills you. Well, we're dumb, so we come back for seconds,it's all gone, just poof. Go to find Rexttell him whats goin down, he's gone too. Don't think anybody seen him since,that don't bode well none."

[22:56] Rileos says, "Suppose we'll find out for sure what happened to him when the spider comes rollin back by. I ain't holdin out much hope. So, like everybody else been sayin, best mind your prayers around that spider, but don't forget to watch your ass, cause there's plenty awful out there ain't nothin to do with the Immortals."

[22:57] Zamara says to Rileos, "Thank you for that. You are quite the story teller."

[22:57] Whiteburn says to Rileos, "Aptly put."

[22:57] Maiyenne says to Rileos, "You oughta tell stories more often. You tell 'em pretty good."

[22:57] Fidgets asks, "Okay then, so ... basically avoid any Hollow Eve festival like the plague?"

[22:58] Rileos asks Fidgets, "Oh no, did you miss the part about the kittens?"

[22:58] Gremtrak exclaims, "This is my favorite season!"

[22:58] Zamara asks, "So we have had festivals following people offering up their spirits,their flesh. Who can say what strange things will happen in the near future?"

[22:58] Kaelie says, "Gotta love kittens."

[22:58] Gremtrak says, "Helping defend the cities from something that can actually scare me a bit."

[22:58] Sendithu says, "No, there is deathdisfigurementplacing your soul in danger, but also kittensraffles."

[22:58] Tikko says, "This time we will be devoured by kittens, rats,piggies."

[22:58] Gremtrak says, "Like the storm rider the other day."

[22:58] Sendithu says, "So for most people it is more or less a wash."

[22:58] Zamara says, "Inquistor Liurilias will now speak on the dark Immortals, for those of you now rightfully looking to avoid their wrath."

[22:59] Isharon says, "Few people adhere to their principles when they want something."

[22:59] Arandrowse exclaims to Fidgets, "I'd suggest praying like a plague is coming, be PARANOID!"

[22:59] Gremtrak says, "Reindhardt.."

[22:59] Gremtrak says, "A quick prayer."

[22:59] Arandrowse exclaims, "And have fun, there is going to be a Festival!"

[22:59] Liurilias says to Zamara, "Thank you for having me today, we both know how I can ramble onon about the Gods so I promise to keep it brief."

[22:59] Chelinde says, "It is the time to sit in the lounge for forever."

Liurilias intones:

   "When we speak of the Dark Thirteen, we must first understand that despite differences in interpretation,  these particular Immortal Divine beings are the embodiment of what we would consider to be the most negative aspects of what we see in mortal nature.
Whether it be avarice, lust, wrath or some other particularly malignant emotion, you can be certain that one or more of these Dark Aspects is strongly connected with it."

Liurilias intones:

   "Stepping back to speak briefly about the aforementioned interpretations, I will tell you of the two most favored among the Clergy. One view is that the Dark Immortals are fully independent entities of malevolence in their own right.
The second like it is this, that there are only 13 Prime Immortals and what we consider to be the Dark and Light Aspects are really just varied expressions of the moods, thoughts, and feelings of these primes whether it be benevolent or conversely malveolent.
Both views are popular and neither has been conclusively proven nor disproven by either camp."

Liurilias intones:

   "Regardless, the presence of the Thirteen Dark Divinities of Elanthia is undeniable, their power and mythology woven into the fabric of our universe, their influence as vital as air or sunlight -- but not nearly as intangible. They are a fickle bunch and as unpredictable and mercurial as Elanthia itself.
While their goals and methods are frequently hard to fathom for mortalkind, it should be noted that those who give them proper honor and respect are often somewhat sheltered from their wrath or schemes.
I would counsel that while it is not exceptionally wise to attempt to draw too much of their attention to onself, it IS the course of wisdom to pay proper tribute to their power and glory the same as any other Immortal so as to avert calamity."

Liurilias intones:

   "There are many rituals the Immortals find pleasing, whether its as simple as humbly cleansing their altars or as dangerous as facing the Undead in combat to purge them from existence.
However, there are also a few more special rituals that are often only done in connection with the Dark Thirteen and I would also caution you to be careful in their usage.
Among the safest of these I suppose would be the usage of specially treated incense for an offering, though I will not divulge our secrets in its creation."

Liurilias intones:

   "For the more er nefarious, goods acquired without payment can also be offered to the Dark at their shrine though this does carry some small risks.
More dangerous and also considered somewhat less "civilized" is an offering of your own blood at their shrines or the sacrifice of hmm willing supplicants.
Though I should also warn you that such sacrifice can and will get you into issues with local authorities if done within the bounds of their jurisdiction.
For Aldauthans, there is also a ritual of death that can be performed at His holy site in the Zaulfung swamp."

Liurilias intones:

   "In summation, the Dark Aspects should be shown proper honor and reverence as they are undeniably of Divine nature.
However, there remains the caution to not draw too much of their attention lest you embroil yourself in schemes beyond your comprehension and endanger the existence of Elanthia itself.
Keep this balance and may you prosper."

[23:02] Zamara says, "Thank you Inquistor. Well put."

[23:03] Zamara says, "And a thank you again to all of our speakers today. Hopefully everyone has obtained something of value from our discussion here today."

[23:03] Sendithu says to Zamara, "Thank you for putting this together again."

[23:03] Nideaya says, "Very well done, thank you."

[23:03] Fidgets exclaims, "Thanks to all the speakers, lots to think on!"

[23:03] Suruli says, "Yes, thank you so much."

[23:03] Smavandree says, "Soooo about the latest visions..."

[23:03] Tallen says, "Thanks, everyone."

[23:03] Zamara says, "It is always good to try to keep ourselves informed."

[23:03] Smavandree says, "And regurtiations..."

[23:04] Zamara says, "Thank you all for being in attendance today as well. Do not forget your gift."

[23:04] Smavandree asks, "Any thoughts on what we should be learnin from them? Maybe how to stop em?"

[23:04] Karmac says to Zamara, "Thank you for having me once again, Mentor. Do contact me in the future if you desire help."

[23:04] Smavandree says, "Cause I dun like seeing folk throw up for no reason."

[23:04] Lighter says to Zamara, "Thank you."

[23:04] Gremtrak says, "You know, it would be nice if one could transfer the shrines from one badge to another."

[23:04] Whiteburn says to Smavandree, "Vigilance. It is my belief that the mass-visions are a dire warning from the Dark Ones."

[23:05] Arandrowse says, "I want to thank the Locksmith Union for joining us here,if all the Locksmith Union members could join me."

[23:05] Fidgets asks, "So these badgets admit us to the festival, or is there a price to pay, like part of our soul?"

[23:05] Isharon says to Gremtrak, "That would be nice, for I dare not repeat parts of my pilgrimage."

[23:05] Zamara says, "We have quite a few clerics in attendance, feel free to dicuss the recent events. The lecture itself however, is at an end."

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