Item:Portrait of a studious Elothean working at a desk raising his arms in panic

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portrait of a studious Elothean working at a desk raising his arms in panic
Look: This scholarly gent appears to have been hard at work with quill and parchment. His arms are raised to ward off ogre-sized books falling toward him from each side. On his left, you can see the title, "Grunting Made Easy." On the right descends, "Eating With Your Hands."
Metal: Unknown
Appraised Cost: 13,858 Kronars11,086.4 Lirums <br />9,999.933 Dokoras <br />13.858 LTBpoints <br />13.858 Tickets <br />13.858 Scrips <br />
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Frisky Portraits


Will become animated if hung on the walls of a house.

TAP your portrait when it is on the wall of your home to activate it. Another TAP will turn it off, as will leaving your home empty for a while.

Atmospheric Messages

  • A chilling moan comes from the direction of the Elothean portrait. "The Elothean looks up and says, "What? I have to moan every so often. The haunted portrait bylaws are very strict on that point."
  • A slight slurp and the tinkle of fine china comes from the Elothean portrait. The gentleman, who is setting a tea cup down on a saucer glances up and blushes slightly.
  • The Elothean in the portrait lets out a terrified shriek! Shaken, he says, "The person outside the frame just moved. I'm sure of it!"
  • A mournful howl comes from somewhere near the Elothean portrait, causing his hair to stand on end.
  • A splashing sound comes from the Elothean portrait. When you glance over at it, you see the Elothean man dipping a foot into a steaming claw-legged tub that wasn't there a moment ago. About to remove a bathrobe, he says, "A little privacy if you please!"
  • Sounds of a scuffle can be heard from the Elothean portrait. Instead of the Elothean, the visage of a very pale Prince Vorclaf is there. He gives you a wink, and after the next time you blink your eyes, he is gone, the Elothean man in place as usual.
  • You hear soft footsteps from the direction of the Elothean portrait. Glancing at it, you find that the Elothean is missing. Perhaps he went to find a snack?
  • The eyes of the Elothean portrait seem to follow you around the room.
  • A loud "aaaaahchooo!" comes from the portrait. The pictured Elothean is shivering beneath a thick blanket, looking miserable.
  • You hear a soft yawn. The Elothean in the portrait seem to be dozing off.