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Evro Ludovici
Status Active
Race Bone Human
Gender Male
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime
Relatives Damiza


You are Holy Titan Evro Ludovici, a Human.
A holy aura of malevolence emanates from you, the darkness exuding a disturbing black radiance.
You have laugh lines and silver-flecked gold eyes. Your snow-white hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn loose. You have tanned skin and an athletic build.
You are a bit over average height for a Human.
You are middle-aged.
Your forearm has a tattoo of multiple names crossed out and inked over until it creates an illegible mess.
A shadowy orb rippling with silver arcs of light hovers like a will-o-wisp, following you diligently.
You are in good shape.

You are wearing a flame-bladed zweihander with a blade of firestained agonite, a padded thin titanese hood, a damite scale mask, a smooth cobalt crystal medallion suspended from a length of Elven snowlace, a tiny taupe pouch with light yellow embroidery, a pure white aldamdin buckle, a pilgrim's badge, a grey doeskin tabard sewn in raised black thread with the emblem of the wolf of Meraud, a narrow decorative pocket-chain suspending an onyx fob, a topaz pin, a dark watersilk bag bearing a detailed cambrinth medallion, a silver steelsilk backpack stitched with dozens of pure white snowflakes, a damite chain hauberk, a darkened steel arm knife with a silk-wrapped handle, a green gold armband inset with a trail of tiny blood rubies, some basilisk fang elbow blades, a small puffy-white shield sealed with protective wax, an etched steel parry stick with black leather straps, some light lumium plate gauntlets crafted from tempered plates, an ornate alerce ring, an ornate alerce ring, a pair of copper zills, a lapis lazuli lockpick ring, a dark gem pouch and a supple leather thigh bag painted with clenched silver fist.

S'kra Mur Research

Evro has done many tests on his wife. These are the results thus far.


Rode down the Greater Fist in a mine cart. Pushed her out, and she fell to her death. Also smashed into her at full speed while she was tied to the track. This also resulted in her death. Blunt force trauma appears to be lethal. Summoned lava via the Fire of Ushnish spell. She was instantly incinerated. This leads me to believe that she isn't immune to fire. Ripped her left leg off twice. Neither instance resulted in death. Blood loss seems to have no lasting effect.

Pearl Diving Experiment

Took her Pearl Diving on Ratha. Poor swimming abilities. Had to drag her through the current and down to the clams. Appears very determined. After having her hand bitten off multiple times and finding no pearls after 20 rois, still attempted to find one. Decided to end the test and drag her to the surface. She bit me and sunk back down to resume pearl collection. Seems to have large lung capacity. Knocked her out with a club and drug her back to the surface. Upon regaining consciousness, she insisted that I allow her to take us back to the mainland. Appears to have advanced navigation skills. Was bound and blindfolded on the way from the mainland to Ratha. Despite this, she quickly returned us to our starting location.