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This page is part of the Elanthipedia's Manual of Style section. This page lists information for the standardization of articles and templates, as set down by community consensus.

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This page contains information for the Manual of Style standardization of Shops.

Store name

The page name should omit any leading articles (a, an, and the).

When using Template:Store At A Glance, Store Name= should show the shop name exactly how it appears in the room name.

For example, if the store is named "A Quick Bite," the page name would be "Quick Bite," but in the Template:Store At A Glance, you would type "Name=A Quick Bite."

Item names

When using the Template:ShopItem, leading articles (a, an, some, and the) are not included in the inventory list. Quantities (for example, "pair of" and "set of") are included. For example, "a pair of boots" would be listed as "pair of boots."


For drinks and other liquid consumables, please omit the container from the item's page name. (Feel free to include them in the display name, but please still omit the leading articles.) For example, "a bottle of Rissan brandy" should be linked to Item:Rissan brandy.

{{ShopItem|t=f|Rissan brandy|name=bottle of Rissan brandy|500}}

The reason for this standard is that the "container" component can change as the liquid is poured or consumed.

It should be OK to include the containers in food.

Item name field

The name= field in Template:ShopItem should not be filled out unless the display name differs from the page name (for example, if there are two versions of an item that have identical taps).


Prices are stated in coppers. For prices that are greater than 999, please include commas (for example, use 12,000 instead of 12000).

The currency should be omitted from Template:ShopItem unless it's something other than Kronars, Lirums, or Dokoras. The currency is stated in Template:Store At A Glance and on the individual item pages.

Player Shops and Wares

We welcome player merchants to include their wares and shops on Elanthipedia, but they differ in many ways from standard shops. Below are the rules:

Each player/account can have one page for listing their wares. This means that if you make both weapons and armor, for example, you should list your wares on one page and not two.

Player shop pages must indicate that they are player-run.

Please do not use any of the shop templates unless they specifically indicate they are compatible with player wares. This is because many of them have automatic categorization or semantic tagging that is unsuitable for player shops. It is one thing to list a 24/7 NPC shop with endless stock as a source for an item; it's another to list a limited time, limited stock player shops as a source.

Likewise, if you wish to link your items to their item pages, please use {{ilink}} and NOT {{sloot}}. (Otherwise, item auto-sourcing would inappropriately list your store as a source for that item.)