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Manual of Style Article

This page is part of the Elanthipedia's Manual of Style section. This page lists information for the standardization of articles and templates, as set down by community consensus.

  • If you disagree with or have suggestions for improvement of the standards, please post on the accompanying talk page and give ample time for debate before making any edits. Failure to follow this proceedure will result in removal of your edits.
Manual of Style Index

This page is for discussing the standards associated with NPCs, both GM-run and atmospheric, as well as the catagories associated with them.

Page titles

Generally, the title for an article about an NPC uses just the first name. For example, Prince Sirolarn Tirof-Sorvendig's page is titled Sirolarn. For most NPCs, this is straightforward and no problem.
For some NPCs, however, this scheme does not work:

In the case of Emperors and other nobility, where a number is typically appended to the end of the name to denote which individual is meant, the solution is straightforward. Just include the roman numeral to the end of the name, as is done for Ponthilas I, Ponthilas II, Ponthilas III, and Ponthilas IV.
For a rare few NPCs, a name gets reused (overall, the GMs appear to avoid this). For example, there have been at least three characters named Penelope in DR. In this case, use the original name as a disambiguation page with links to the individual characters with those names. In the case of Penelope, this was solved by adding a last name to one of the Penelopes, Penelope Fraie and using a common alternate name for another Lady P. For more complicated cases, a style similar to that used for Reaver can be employed.

If you are ever not sure how to chose an appropriate article name, be bold and just use your best judgment while adding a note in the discussion section of the article soliciting advice from other editors.


When they are unique, redirects should be present for the first name alone, as well as any well known nicknames or titles ("The Reedemeer" for example). In the rare case where the first names are not unique, disambigous pages should be set up.


Each page should be entered into the proper category for the NPCs race (or placed in Category:Unknown Race when unavailable), subrace (River Elf, etc), guild (known and applicable), any group affiliation (such as Moon Mage Sect), and shop owner if applicable.