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Manual of Style Article

This page is part of the Elanthipedia's Manual of Style section. This page lists information for the standardization of articles and templates, as set down by community consensus.

  • If you disagree with or have suggestions for improvement of the standards, please post on the accompanying talk page and give ample time for debate before making any edits. Failure to follow this proceedure will result in removal of your edits.
Manual of Style Index

This page is for adding Manual of Style standardization information for Category and Concept pages.

What are Categories?

Categories are intended to group together pages on similar subjects. Categories help readers to find, and navigate around, a subject area, to see pages sorted by title, and to thus find article relationships.

Categories are normally found at the bottom of an article page. Clicking a category name brings up a category page listing the articles (or other pages) that have been added to that particular category. There may also be a section listing the subcategories of that category. The subcategorization feature makes it possible to organize categories into tree-like structures to aid navigation.

What are Concepts?

Concepts are a subset of Categories and are primarily ideas, concepts or abstractions. This is to say that they are primarily ideas, and not some physical object which can also be "thought of". Concept articles are ideas which do not necessarily appear to the mind as an image of an object. For any article in this category structure it can be said that the topic of the article does not exist at any particular time or place, but rather exists generally.

When to use


The names for both concepts and categories should always be pluralized, as they refer to a group.

Putting pages in categories

To add a category to a page, use the Template:Cat. Generally, categories/concepts should be defined at the very end of the page unless it is automatically added by the page template. For example, to add the Categories "Birds", "Magical items" and "Whisper charms" to a page, use the following:

{{cat|Birds,Magical items,Whisper charms}}