Death's Shriek (2.0)

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|reqs=35th circle, [[Death's Embrace]]
|cost=2 voice pulse
|desc=Mo grins with slight cruelty before answering, "Yah, dat's one I like a lot.  Works good for me.  Not so good for the ones dat throw demselves down cause dey're so scared, but dat's not my problem."
|effect=The roar causes targets to fall to their knees or, with a high end success, inflicts instantly lethal internal chest wounds.
|messaging=>roar shriek
With unrelenting battle fury and sublime confidence, you recall your training in the Death's Shriek technique and voice your power in a roar of true warrior's rage.
A morah vine turns pale and clutches its chest in absolute fright.  With a pained gasp, it falls to the ground and exhales its last breath as its heart ceases to beat.
The vine is cleanly sliced in two.
<b>Death's Shriek</b> is a [[Barbarian]] battle [[Roars|Roar]].

<b>Death's Shriek</b> can learned from Guild Leader [[Mo]] in [[Riverhaven]] at 35th circle.

<b>Death's Shriek</b> will cause all opponents affected by it to either fall to their knees or die from internal chest bleeders, aka having a heart attack from fear depending on the level of effect. The roar difficulty is 2 - Fair for mid end success, 5 - Most difficult for high end success.  This [[Roars|Roar]] takes two voice recovery pulses to recover from using and also requires learning the the [[Death's Embrace]] [[Roars|Roar]].