Death's Embrace (2.0)

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|reqs=5th circle
|teacher=Mo, Les
|cost=1 voice pulse
|desc=Mo nods slowly.  "I can teach yas dat roar.  Good for not gettin' yerself so many scars, cause when da enemy is scared o' yas an' can't swing his sword right, ya don't get hurt so easy."
|effect=Reduction in offensive ability.
<b>Death's Embrace</b> is a [[Barbarian]] battle [[Roars|Roar]].

<b>Death's Embrace</b> is one of the first [[Roars]] a young barbarian can learn, as it is able to be learned from Guild Leader [[Mo]] in [[Riverhaven]] at just 5th circle.

<b>Death's Embrace</b> will cause all opponents affected by it to have a reduction in their offensive capabilities. This [[Roars|Roar]] takes just one voice recovery pulse to recover from using and is also a pre-requisite for learning the [[Death's Shriek]] [[Roars|Roar]].